Friday, August 27, 2004


So far this blog is our little secret. I've finally joined the bandwagon - yes, but I'm in no way ready to reveal it to the world just yet. I find it intriguing, and could certainly get addicted to it if not careful ;)

It's obvious that there's an entire network of bloggers, and tons of potential for meeting people and expanding one's reach. Yes, I realize I'm about a year behind the times on starting this - but I've just been quietly watching it all develop and took somewhat of a passive interest.

So now here I am - and this is my first Case Study on blogging, and its benefits. I'm interested to learn more about hosting on vs hosting a blog under your own domain. I'm interested in studying how search engines respond to blogs and their entries, and all other variables of blogging.

As a reader, I find that I absolutely love Blogs. I find them interesting and even entertaining. I could literally spend hours upon hours reading the musings of various writers on a range of topics.... If I had that kind of time available, of course ;) I'll have to start paying attention to what it is that captivates me about them, exactly - and work from that angle to determine the potential that my own blog may have, and what direction I want to take it in...