Sunday, August 29, 2004

Software Development

Yes, I know it's Sunday - but shhh! I'm getting a lot of work done, here ;) I got up at 6am with my heart pounding and my mind reeling - so I went straight to work. Last night I finally settled on a product name after weeks of research, but decided to 'sleep on it'. I got straight up this morning and researched Trademarks, ordered the .net and .com versions of the domain name, and opened an account at Rent-a-Coder!

The anticipation of it all is such a rush! I should be able to secure this entire project initially for under $500 - the unknown variable being the cost of Trademark search & application. I'll work on that while I wait for bids on the coding end of the project. Ideas for Graphics, CD Labels, Sales Copy, potential JV's and promotion are all stacking up in the back of my mind. I've been working on this idea for over a year, now - and it feels good to finally get past the 'idea phase' and take action on it!

Also, I requested a quote for a graphic yesterday - and they sent a preview in this morning. This particular graphic is a unique animation for the Turning Ideas Into Dollars membership portal. I've forwarded that over to my partner, Andre, for review. Unbelievably quick work! It's amazing how well things are coming together lately...