Friday, April 15, 2005

Getting Set Up for Success!

Setting up my home office in this new location is a good time to make some overall changes to my schedule & work habits. Since I will have more quiet time and space in which to work... I want things to run as efficiently as possible so that I can really make some lightning-speed progress towards my goals.

My first step is to re-define my goals, both short term and long term. I am going to sit down and go over my recent "brain dump" (um, when I figure out which box it is in *grin*) and make some revisions to my goal sheets and task lists.

I'm devoting this weekend to finish my unpacking and to get everything in it's place. Which means within reach, in sight, and completely organized - and which probably means a little shopping is in order :) In the meantime I am jotting notes as I think of them in a spiral notebook, and keeping those thoughts separated by topic/project on different pages.

The last few days has been pure chaos - wires running everywhere, cable & phone technicians in and out, furniture & appliance delivery... and the boxes. They're everywhere *sigh*. Still, I'm in very high spirits and looking forward to catching up on my work and really digging in to the projects that have been on the back burner lately.

I'm also making a few changes to my normal routine. I've always found that "change" is the best time to make change. It's not nearly as difficult to change habits & routines when everything is already chaotic and not the norm.

The biggie: No smoking indoors. Should be an obvious one, but I've been a smoker all of my life and lately find myself turning into a chain smoker (ack!). With the move, I decided that I would have a non-smoking home - which is much healthier on the computers, not to mention the people inside ;)

Not smoking in front of the computer means I'm not constantly sipping coffee or pepsi - or munching on snacks, either. Somehow all of that was just a package deal, so now I find myself eating only at meal times, and sipping my pepsi's on the smoke break. Loving it!

Another thing I'm doing is going back to my daily planner and kitchen timer. Before the move these were practically hopeless as I was dealing with constant interruption. I managed, but I'm really looking forward to getting back to my fast-paced thickly-scheduled workstyle ;)

Also on the list is comfy patio furniture. I dont have a "patio" but I do have a gorgeous back yard with the perfect mix of sun and shade, 3 maples and a pine and plenty of privacy... and a laptop that I can tote out there to work on these beautiful spring and early summer days.

Throw in a couple of ivy plants and some wave petunia's and this is quickly becoming home sweet home!

I'll work on getting some pics up as soon as I find the box that the camera batteries are in ;)