Thursday, March 24, 2005

I've Turned Into A Dell Addict

I think the first promo I saw was on TV. Yes, thinking back, that was it - it was a commercial during a movie I was watching one weekend a few months back. It was a good one, too - I couldnt get it out of my mind and ended up getting online to order a Dell system within 48 hours.

I needed one anyway, and the deal was just too good to pass up. I say I needed one. I think I needed one. I have a desktop already - but it sort of "growls" now. It was one I had custom built several years ago. It's a good one, but one you always save-save-save on because you have this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that the hard drive may crash any minute...

I also have a laptop - only about a year old, an HP. It's a great little system, wireless networking & wireless DSL. Very functional - have gotten a lot of use out of that one (daily, for over a year now).

Then there's the two other computers - both of which the kids use. Sort of - I think they get very little use now that the X-box has moved in (beside the PS2 & Dreamcast that are collecting dust these days). Those two systems are older (older than mine that "growls")... I keep thinking I am going to just get rid of them altogether, but I havent decided yet whether to dump them or sell them cheap or part them out... or what?

Um, there's "stuff" too. Like the free printers I got with the Dell system and with the HP laptop. Those are still in the box. I'm not sure what's in the other boxes... (I should probably look - there's really no telling)

And here I sit... Mastercard in hand. Dell is running another one of those specials I would be insane not to buy into. This time it is a complete system w/free color printer for $349. And, um, you can get free shipping (saves around 100 bucks) if you buy two :) LOL

I cant deny it - I watch their email promos like they are bank statements, or something. I'm on their mailing list, of course, because I bought that system a few months back... and I always like to see what kind of deals they are offering when they send an email.

I'm thinking buy 2... then donate the two older systems to goodwill, sell the 4 printers (because I'll get 2 more - and I'm loyal to my HP LaserJet), and part out the growler. What do you think? I could probably sell the printers & parts on ebay...

I cant decide if this is smart thinking... or if I'm addicted to Dell Deals!