Tuesday, April 19, 2005

SEO Website Builder

I ran across SEO Website Builder last week, and it looks like the perfect solution for one of my upcoming site projects. I'm putting together a large 'free content' article database that will be a great spot to grab a large variety of niche content.

Andre gave it a big thumbs up. He also said:

"For example, once you've got the template, and look and feel, just way you want, adding additional product pages and/or article pages is a snap... and all internal page linking, and sitemap inclusion is done automatically."

Teli is putting together template sets designed specifically for SEO Website Builder, so I will keep you posted as to when she will be unveiling these. I'd like to be first in line for one of them, myself... but I may have to 'cut line' to make that happen - she's got quite a few people waiting to get ahold of her SWB-specific designs ;)

Some of the key features about this program that appeal to me are:

- No programming or 'geek stuff'. It looks fairly simple to take a large amount of content and have it all structured for you so that it's easy to navigate and naturally optimized.

- "Built-in SEO guru that actually tells you in plain English how to create your web pages" (this looks interesting!)

- Privacy policies & disclaimers are created automatically

- Site map and article directory are also created automatically

- The program even uploads all of the pages you create, and generates your linking information (for your Link Strategy)!

It also comes with an SEO Training Manual and a private forum and link partner directory (among other features in their "Vault").

I'll give you a full review once I dig in and get my hands dirty. I'm hoping to catch up a bit this week and then sit down and work on this project over the upcoming weekend. Should be fun!