Monday, August 30, 2004

Kicking off a new week! Monday Motivation ;)

While weekends are great for brainstorming and catching up on my own projects, Monday is when I dive back in to client projects and emails. I find Monday's particularly motivating after a refreshing weekend... not to mention the quiet time with the kids back in school ;)

This week promises to be a good one already. I ordered a new Dell system last week, which should be delivered any day now. I believe I'll sell the two computers at the 'bottom of the ranks' around here, and rearrange the office to accomodate the two we use the most along with the new one. Perhaps this will motivate me to get my eBay auctions going once again - lots of parts and various things that need to move out to make room for the new ;)

The software project I mentioned over the weekend is moving right along, and fast! I'm negotiating with several programmers on RAC, and hope to launch this product - and a full blown marketing strategy - well before the '04 holiday season.

Emails are coming in faster than I can respond this morning... so I'd better get back to work ;)