Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

I've avoided talking about politics, altogether... but I couldn't resist sharing this email from Mike Litman!

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Hey Lynn!

Yes, it's Election Day in the US and I'm not going to say something 'cheesy' to you like "Elect yourself" or "Vote yourself in", but I do want to share something important with you.

In fact, it’s very important.

Let's start here.

We're going to put aside the faults of both major candidates and talk about something more important.

Let me pose this question to you.

"What are the success habits that make up a great politician and what can we learn from them?"

I'll list a few.

Decisiveness - It's so important to have a leader who makes good decisions.

Ignore the critics - Whoever wins today will have 50% of the country dislike them.

Outcome Driven - Both candidates are crystal clear about what their goal is.

Teamwork - Each campaign has thousands and thousands of people all working together.

Belief - Each candidate believes in themselves.

Paying the Price/Whatever it takes - Each candidate yesterday made 5+ stops around the country to campaign. They both 'see a deadline' and will do everything in their power to finish strong.

Sacrifice - Both candidates have given up a ton, time with friends, family, etc...over the last year.

Persistence - When polls were against each candidate it would have been so easy for them to 'get down' on themselves, but they didn't and they persisted.

Small Victories = Big Results - Every vote is important. Both candidates understand that you win an election one vote at a time.


Success isn't rocket science. I was a C- student when I graduated college in 1995.

Read the success habits again above.

Do you realize what you need to do right now?


You need to take on at least ONE of the success habits above or choose your own habit and START 'BEING IT' today.

YOU need to START being a LEADER in your own life.


Talk to you soon.

Mike Litman

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