Friday, October 29, 2004

Outside the IM Niche

In Michael Green's newsletter this morning, he shares an example of working outside of the Internet Marketing niche. Here's the excerpt:

Let me ask you a controversial question...

"How is it that most successful internet marketers talk about making money by selling stuff to non-marketers, but then in reality... very few of them appear to actually do that?"

It seems like 95% of internet marketing revolves around selling advice to other marketers!

Hmm. And you actually believe these guys?

Personally I like to do a bit of both. First I try things out by using online marketing techniques to sell to a wider crowd, then -- and only when #1 has really worked -- I'll talk about it to a select group of other online marketers, if I have time.

Here's an example...

This week I've launched my latest 'How To' toolkit. This time it's aimed at 'wannabe' Film Makers or even those who have a bit of experience and would like to take things further.

The project is called 'Instant Movie Making' and you can read about it here:

If you've spent any time at all involved in internet marketing then you'll immediately spot the techniques in play in that letter. Click here now and look for the 2 different list building techniques I've employed.

Check to see how I've used one 'dying' internet marketing technique, but only at the 11th hour, as folks leave the site.

Visit again, and notice how I'm split-testing the page, one element at a time, with the title altering on your second visit.

Really want to know if internet marketing works beyond selling more junk to other online marketers?

Click to see how I put the techniques into action to sell to a crowd of film makers, most of whom will never have even heard of a popover or split-test!

Now ask yourself, "how can I do the same thing?"

- - - - - - - - -

At the time that I received this issue, that link didnt appear to work - so I havent actually seen the site that Michael mentioned yet. The concept is good, though, and something more people should consider when choosing an online business - or choosing an affiliate program to promote.

In the first segment of this week's Affiliate Marketing Seminar, Rosalind Gardner made the comment: "In other markets (outside of IM), you have to worry less about losing commissions. People just arent as savvy about affiliate links".

This is true, and people come online to buy all sorts of things - collectibles, access to dating services or game sites, diet pills, discounted or used items, computer peripherals - you name it!

Your options are endless... so don't limit yourself to any one niche ;)