Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's Easy - Just Work Harder!

Wow - Rosalind really stepped up with this week's newsletter! You may remember from a few posts back that I had stopped reading her Net Profits Coach emails - mainly because they changed from *great* content to nothing but promotions for the next best thing out. Looks like she's back on track now, though - check out her latest issue:


Hello Lynn!

An army of ghouls, witches and ghosts are 'goblin' up the treats I shelled out on Sunday night.

Of about 100 trick-or-treaters, only a handful wore original costumes that required some imagination, time and effort to assemble.

Did I acknowledge those few and give them bonus treats?

Heck ya!

That's life... bigger effort, bigger rewards.

It reminded me of what John Reese mentioned several times during our teleseminar last week - that although everyone wants to make it big online, very few do the necessary work.

Indeed, a question asked during the teleseminar was:
"When it comes to affiliate marketing, most Gurus are talking about the same set of "tricks of the trade", if you will! What would be ONE new and effective piece of info/tip can you give?"

Almost everyone keeps looking for the proverbial 'secret'!

OK, I'll tell you the secret...

...there is no secret.

John Reese, Holly Cotter, Stephen Pierce, Jim Edwards, Yanik Silver, myself and all the other so-called 'gurus' regularly spill our guts sharing everything we know about our specific areas of Internet marketing.

That's all we can do.

The equation is simple....
Knowledge + Action = Success

I'm happy to share my knowledge, and anyone who wants to succeed with affiliate marketing needs to act on what they've learned.

Most people 'get it'.

Unfortunately, those who don't often try to shift responsibility, disparaging the information we offer as 'snake oil'.

Besides basic common sense, the latter fail to realize a few things.

Each and every successful Internet marketer started out selling something OTHER than Internet marketing information and tools.

Each and every successful Internet marketer who wrote a book about their experience did so with a desire to share their good fortune with others.

Trust me, writing a book is hard work. Certainly more difficult than building more sites. It also would have kept some of the copycats at bay.

Each and every successful Internet marketer who wrote a book about their experience to teach others to do likewise, has a score of success stories from readers who put their knowledge into action.

Some of my students are netting 10, 20 G's per month and MORE. Those are the ones I know about. Others prefer to keep their profitable niches quiet, and I can't blame them.

All who condemn also fail to DO a few things... like follow instructions... or give their project a fair shake.

For example, webmasters who link directly to merchants from Google Adwords frequently share their lack-of-sales frustration with me.

I dunno. I can't figure that one out at all...

I've only said about a hundred times that you must have a web site a follow-up autoresponder series to really succeed online as an affiliate marketer.

God, now I sound like my mother.

Anyway, I'm sure that YOU get the point, where others do not.

Speaking of sharing knowledge, I learned that it literally pays to read your email.

A couple months ago, my income from one of the affiliate networks dropped by half. I was slightly bummed by this turn of events, but altogether too busy with moving and summer houseguests to dig into the cause. (Yet another good reason to diversify your streams of income so you won't be more than 'slightly bummed' when earnings in any one program decreases substantially.)

Anyway, I finally checked things out two weeks ago. I found out that the merchant had changed their terms of agreement, and all I had to do was read and agree to them. Once I clicked 'Submit', my links started producing again within minutes. So, read your email OK?

Here's another tip.

Halloween is the second-biggest decorating holiday next to the winter holidays. According to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 2004 Halloween survey, 61.8 percent of consumers said they planned to decorate their homes and yards with spooky themes...and spending is growing every year.

If you start working today, you'll have a Halloween site ready in ample time to profit well in advance of next October 31st.

Stock it with costumes, masks, makeup, props, prosthetics, party goods, lights, books, CD's, games, wigs, pumpkin carving kits and a hundred other spooky things.

It'll be a boo-tiful thing.

Enough. DO something this week, and make your mother proud.

Yikes... one more thing for my friends in the States. Please vote. Your vote could change the world.


Rosalind Gardner is the Best-Selling Author of the "The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made 436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online"

P.S. Here are a few words listeners used to describe the Affiliate Marketing webinar - "over-deliver, right on target, excellent, generous information, enthusiasm, great tips, great strategies, fantastic ideas, held nothing back, thanks, thanks, thanks!..."

Good news, even if you missed our 2-part live webinar, you can still get the MP3 audio recordings and transcript at: http://www.picktheirbrains.com/cgi-bin/x.cgi?aid=776

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Rosalind touches on one of the really good points that was made at last week's Affiliate Marketing Seminar, which was: "Just work harder. 99% of the people online that want to make money don't want to do any work." That was a comment made by John Reese after Jason Potash passed on the questions, "How can I possibly compete?" and "How do you differentiate yourself?"

This was a great point. It IS easy to out-do the majority and land yourself in the top percentile of any industry online... simply by *working* and being even slightly creative - or different.

Let's take SEO as an example. You choose your keywords (after extensive research, of course), but when you check the SERPs (search engine results pages) you notice there are already A LOT of websites listed for that term or phrase. At first glance, most people will give up - considering it 'too competitive'.

The truth is, the majority of website owners don't even know how to properly optimize their websites. And of the people that do... the majority of them will not take the time and put in the effort to achieve the best results. This cuts your REAL competition down to a VERY small number ;)

Remember that - anytime you get discouraged over so-called competition - and set out to do more and to do better! It's actually pretty easy, because most people don't want to do anything at all!