Saturday, October 30, 2004

Jason Overdelivers!

Following the live Affiliate Marketing Seminar this week with John Reese, Stephen Pierce and Rosalind Garnder - Jason Potash (completely unexpected and unadvertised) offered us two bonus files! So in addition to the recordings from the live event, I am also downloading:

BONUS GIFT #1: "How To Make MEGA Profits Promoting High-Ticket Products"

Many of you are eager to learn the secrets to making jumbo-sized affiliate checks promoting high ticket products. Heck, one sale of a high-ticket product can easily generate a $100-$500 commission! Not those whimpo $10 commissions like many products.

During this webcast recording, you'll hear from Alex Mandossian, Matt Gill & Kevin Wilke, and a mother of 7 who earns 6-figures a year online promoting high-ticket products to a puny list of only 350 subscribers.

Her story with both amaze and inspire you!

BONUS GIFT #2: The 6-Hour Secrets-Spilling, Marathon Teleseminar With John Reese And Frank Kern

You probably heard about this call through the grapevine. John and Frank were in Florida to hook up with Gary Halbert. Gary had to cancel last minute. John and Frank thought, we're here anyway... let's make the best of this situation and host a teleseminar for all our customers.

The result? A truckload of marketing secrets, strategies, insight and even the odd funny story. Both amusing and extremely valuable information was shared during this call. Better take the weekend off, you'll need a full 6 hours to listen to these recordings. Well worth it though...


Very cool! I'm looking forward to listening in to these this weekend ;)