Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Affiliate Marketing Seminar

During last night's web-based Affiliate Marketing Seminar (with Jason Potash, John Reese, Rosalind Gardner and Stephen Pierce), two out of three of my questions were addressed during the live Q&A.

One of those was about capitalizing on the traffic and exposure at eBay using Affiliate Marketing. John Reese took my question, as he created the Internet Auction Secrets videos - on top of being known for the more recent Traffic Secrets course. He gave a really good in-depth analogy on how you could use your listings to funnel traffic to another landing page, and even collect highly targeted opt-in subscribers.

He made the point (without actually saying it) that you should have a strong focus with this method - to create information, documentation or reviews that directly relate to the items you are selling. Actually, this was a point made several times by each of the speakers throughout the presentation.

They talked about multiple sites, themes, whether or not you should promote more than one affiliate program (per site or per theme), automation, competition, choosing programs... and a lot more! There was one thing that Stephen Pierce said that I really liked, which was:

"You have Innovators... and you have Duplicators"

He didnt go into depth with that, but it was something that really stuck in my head. There's definitely a lot more that could be said on that topic ;)

All in all, it was a GREAT experience! The 2nd part of this event happens tomorrow night, and I am really looking forward to it... John is going to speak on using email, opt-in lists and autoresponders. Rosalind is going to talk on Overture & Adwords. And I believe Stephen is going to touch on offline marketing, branding & relationship-building.

I have taken a lot of notes already... and expanded on them with my own thoughts and ideas. It would be difficult to share them all with you in one post, as they touch on different methods and tactics... but if you're interested, I could hit on one topic at a time.

Just let me know ;)