Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Call

I had planned to phone the real estate agent in the morning to check in with her on this house... but she beat me to it and called me this evening.

There are some minor repairs to be done on the house - obviously the swimming pool needs a new liner, and the lattice in front needs to be replaced... along with some minor painting (mainly the stairway up to the main floor and the laundry room). Anyway, I had asked for a price on the house "as is" - and originally that meant without fixing the pool, but they were still going to go ahead with the lattice & painting.

She phoned to let me know that they got approval for the repairs to begin tomorrow, and wanted to give me an opportunity to submit an offer AS IS - meaning with nothing done to the place at all. (These 'repairs' would only cost me around 100 bucks to do myself, so its definitely worth it. Not including the pool of course, which I can get done at cost.)

I submitted my offer (very comfortable pricing for me), and she gave me the number to get pre-qualified. I'm to call in the morning. I'm shooting for a 5.25% interest rate (first time home buyers rate at the moment). Apparently this house already has financing available, and the number she gave me was to qualify for that... and she also said that they agreed to pay closing costs.

I have no idea what to expect, or what I'm getting myself into... this is my first experience with real estate. Everything sounds good so far, and seems to be working in my favor.

There is a lot of interest in the house, obviously. All of the potential buyers are waiting for the repairs to be completed, though... which, she said, gives me a definite advantage.

Positive thoughts pointed in my direction over your morning coffee tomorrow would be much appreciated ;) Things are moving quicker than expected, and I'm aiming to keep up with it all and put myself in a position to make this deal happen.

All smiles on this end! :)