Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stick With What Works!

I'm feeling particularly good today. Just woke up on the right side of the bed, I guess ;) Too, it's nice to be back on schedule. My son started back to school this week, so we're back to the early mornings and the usual routine. (Ann Marie attends a year-round school, so she doesnt start back until next week.)

Holidays are nice, and I really enjoyed the break... but there's nothing like a good, solid routine to keep things rolling smooth!

Albert is back to work right along with me, and together we are making incredible progress on both of the sites. He is continuously updating the affiliate site, while researching his own site ideas on the side (using what he's learned both through my newsletters, and the hands-on experience). I am working on the SSWT site - writing all new content there, and updating everything else as I go.

Now that the holidays have passed, sales have picked back up on the affiliate site. There was a lull there just after the "too late to ship" date until around New Years - but traffic and sales are getting back to normal now. More pages indexed in the search engines, more traffic, more sales & Adsense click-through's... so it's all going great :)

As for the SSWT site, which is the one I'm working on now, it's a complete mess :p

I really wanted to be able to upload it all by New Years, but I just didnt have it ready. So... I decided to upload it anyway. Crazy, I know - but it puts the pressure on to get it done, and really motivated me to work hard on it. Adds that "sense of urgency" element ;) LOL

Even with the site not ready, and many blank pages, I'm seeing results already. A dramatic increase in subscribers was the first thing that I noticed - from day one! I think I'm going to enjoy this site much more than ever with all of these changes... and I'm really looking forward to the year ahead with SSWT!

About that new PPC Campaign that I started... going great so far! I think I've spent around 6 bucks, and so far my earnings are at $130.00 . This is the one that I started out slow, and I'm just tweaking it a bit and adding to it just a little each day. Very competitive, but I think I've selected a good set of keywords to start with. Most of my bids are at the minimum (5 cents), but I do have one Ad Group where I am bidding 16 cents per click. So far, it's been worth it.

When I think back over 2004... everything that I read, everything that I learned, everything that I tried... It's nice to know that it has all paid off.

It was the year I read The Super Affiliate Handbook, Google Cash, The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords and Google Adwords 123. That's a couple hundred bucks in material, and plenty of time studying. Worth it? YES! I would go back and do it all again in a heartbeat!

It was the year I took an interest in Copywriting and a more serious interest in SEO. A powerful combination! All of the books I read, swipe files I reviewed... and the time I spent testing and tweaking. Worth it? YES!

It was also the year I put on 20 lbs. but I'll take care of that later :p For now, I am focusing on putting all the pieces in place. Everything that I've learned over the years. Everything that I've started, or Idea that I've had. 2005 will be the year that it ALL falls into place.

I have Mike Litman's Power of Concentration Success System set aside to help me kick off this incredible year ahead of me. His material - his book, newsletter, CD's - was a huge source of inspiration and motivation for me in 2004. I plan to stick with what works ;)