Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Working Now to Achieve More Later

I certainly didnt mean for so much time to pass before I posted again - that's pretty rare for me. As you can imagine, things have been busy on this end and have kept my attention elsewhere.

Over the weekend I took the kids for a little drive and pointed out the log home, as well as a few others. They were both more interested in living in town - near friends, near the Civic Center, etc. Understandable, as we lived in a lakeside cabin for a couple of years prior to moving here to be with Grandma... during which time they were homeschooled. They've really enjoyed being in town, and being back in school - right in the thick of things.

I have to admit it's been easier on me, too. So I've been re-thinking the "dream home" and weighing out all of the options. I dont have to move. In fact, I can't move anytime soon because I have Grandmother to consider. And we really do have a nice place here all together.

Even though I'm in no hurry, I am still interested in buying a home. After all of the mortgage shopping and home guides and such, I've decided it may be best to buy something here in town that offers a lot of room and is in a nice location. Somewhere the kids can enjoy - a neighborhood with other children, places they can go within walking distance, etc.

My thinking is that I can invest in a home now, one we can live in for 3-5 years, and then sell and move to a "dream home" then. I really want a home out in the country, with water running through the lot (even if it's just a small spring or creek). And when the kids are a bit older, they would appreciate something like that a lot more I think. Not to mention they will grow up and begin their own lives shortly after... Gosh, that's a sad thought.

I'm waiting to hear back from the bank, but once I get pre-approved, it will just be a matter of finding the perfect place. Since I plan to sell in 3-5 years, I want it to be a good investment - so am putting a lot of consideration into location.

On top of having all of that on my mind, work has been busier than usual this last week or so. I kicked things back into high gear in order to put some money back for closing costs and/or a downpayment. So far, so good - but I am feeling a bit stretched. Not stressed by any means, but spoiled I guess (LOL) and getting a stiff reminder of what it's like to *work* :p

The time I am putting in now will pay off long-term, and that's the goal. To set up new sources of passive income or recurring income. Mike Litman, who always seems to be "in my head", put out a terrific newsletter yesterday along these lines titled Do You Make This Success Mistake?

I particularly liked this line:

Take the time to plant the seeds, water them, and be patient for your harvest.

If you're not subscribed to Mike's newsletter or blog - you should be. I find his articles incredibly motivating and inspiring! There's nothing like a little 'confirmation' (or kick in the a$$) to keep you moving in the right direction ;)