Friday, April 22, 2005

Perfect Timing!

My swing arrived via UPS this evening. I am tickled pink! That's the first time I've ordered from - - but it definitely won't be the last ;)

I was just mowing my lawn when the UPS truck pulled up, too - so the back yard is ready and waiting for the big comfy swing. I'll have to get Albert to help me put it together in the morning... and hopefully it will set up quick so I can enjoy it the rest of the day!

Perfect timing, too, as a group of us at TIID are planning to do (or re-do) our Brain Dump tomorrow (Sat, 4-23). Group accountability is a big motivator, so it was nice there were several of us interested. The Brain Dump is incredibly energizing & motivating, so I'm looking forward to that... and if the weather holds I can head out back, lean back in my new swing and focus on it in total comfort :)