Friday, April 29, 2005

The weather isnt cooperating

I keep losing my internet connection this morning due to the weather. We're having thunder storms with a flash flood watch in effect. This evening they are calling for stronger storms with the possibility of straight line winds and damaging hail.

I had a terrific blog post for you this morning, but I lost the entire thing when my connection went down at the very moment I hit the "publish" button. I brought up Keylogger (standard on Windows machines - logs every keystroke), but it only 'remembered' bits and pieces - mainly the first and last paragraph. Ahh well - lost forever!

LOL, now you'll never know why I was called "The Romantic" ;)

Anyway, I went out and brought my plants in (in case you dont remember my last experience with "straight line winds" - it completely demolished my plants!) and have just about given up on getting any computer work done this morning - at least for awhile.

I'm off to do some paperwork... see you guys in a bit!