Monday, May 02, 2005

A Consistent Twist

Check out Kieron's blog - he's a cool fellow from the UK that I just met this morning... into Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc:

It won't take you but a minute to figure out what it is if you read a few posts on the front page, but he has an interesting little twist in each post. Every post, same place, same thing - it's a "consistent twist".

I found myself scanning his posts to check out that one little addition in each one, once I realized what he was doing. Too funny!

It reminded me just how scattered I can be sometimes (laugh). Seriously though, it was a great reminder that readers love consistency and that they come to expect certain things from certain writers or bloggers. I know that you expect me to be consistently scattered - all over the place, hopping from topic to topic - and of course, I aim to please ;)