Monday, June 20, 2005

Sometimes I Dont Blog...

It's been a few days since my last post, but I dont sweat it. Sometimes I just dont have anything incredibly interesting to report... and sometimes I get busy elsewhere ;) In this case, it was definitely the latter - I've accomplished quite a bit lately and have been collecting some cool new resources!

Updates to my affiliate site these last couple of months are starting to pay off - and really well. This is the site I launched back in November '04 (seven months ago), which is just beginning to rank well in the major engines - - and is converting better than expected. Since it's for tangible products the commission is lower. Usually 5-18% per sale. So the goal is good rankings, hundreds of pages, and great conversion rates - - all on auto pilot.

This is a true side project for me... I work on it just a few hours a month (at the most) and have basically let it "settle" and make it's way around the web since the initial promotional push. True that I could do A LOT more with it, but I figure I have plenty of time for that. And in the meantime, I'm enjoying the recent increase in commission checks ;)

The site actually brought in an impressive amount of sales over the weekend, which was awesome. I happened to be out most of the day on Saturday, so I came home to a copy of Revenue Magazine in my mailbox and a nice little surprise when I checked my stats!

I really liked this magazine, by the way - but I'll tell you more on that later...

Albert and I were out most of the day Saturday at Doug Lott's outdoor dart tournament. It's a TDO Sanctioned event they put on every year with good food and a great crowd. I'm not a great player - I dont even play league - but I do love the game ;)

I signed up for the blind draw in the early afternoon... and pulled Ralph McCool for a partner. Ralph happens to be #1 in the state this year :) :) What a break!

My first reaction was to cringe, figuring Ralph was just going to love it when he found out he was partnered up with some GIRL that cant hit. Not that I dont have a decent throw, but when it comes to competition... Ralph and I would be on opposite ends of the scale.

I figured if I let that intimidate me, I'd never be able to hit the board. So I shook it off and threw. Missed some, hit some - and of course Ralph carried the game and we won 1st place. Later that evening I ended up in the winners circle again, but with a different partner - playing against Ralph and Albert for the medal. Second place suited me just fine against those two ;) I had a great time, and couldnt have been happier heading home with both a 1st and 2nd place medal around my neck!

Sunday was spent cleaning house, rearranging furniture, getting things organized... and of course, wishing my father a Happy Father's Day. And today it was back to work - refreshed, focused and back in FULL swing ;)

(I love Monday's!!)

A couple of things I was checking out today in my rounds on the web: Willie Crawford's transcript for a recent Adsense Teleseminar, which you can download free: Teleseminar on Google Adsense -- and EZLeadCapture, which is a super cheap way to get your own (professional!) landing pages up and running (check it out) .

That's actually the best deal for a Lead Capture Page that I've seen anywhere. I already have one set up for the opportunity that I promote, or I would definitely be signing up myself!

I'm also checking out Brad Callen's new Free SEO Course, "7 Days to Massive Website Traffic". The last time I spoke with him he was still adding new lessons every week. I really like Brad - super nice guy! If you ever have the chance to speak with him or work with him... dont pass it up ;)

I'm going to call it a night so I can get an early start tomorrow. Hope you guys had a great weekend, too - and got this week off to a kickin' start!!