Friday, June 03, 2005

Corey Rudl - An Internet Marketing Legend

I just heard the news that Corey Rudl died in a racing accident yesterday morning. Aside from being in complete shock over it all, I feel incredibly sad. The most recent photos that I've seen of Corey were of him and his fiance - just before their big (public) wedding bash. They both looked very happy... young, vibrant, healthy. And of course they had a bright future ahead of them, with the whole world in their hands.

Corey Rudl is practically a legend in Internet Marketing - certainly one of the pioneers. His newsletter was one of the first that I subscribed to. His affiliate program was one of the first that I joined. And it WAS the first program that I actually received a check from.

Sure there were a lot of opinions floating around lately... mainly about his marketing tactics and lack of personal attention to details. But you have to imagine that his "full staff" was probably handling most of the marketing & communication these last couple of years. Regardless, he was very successful and very well-known... and there is much to be learned from his model as well as his material.

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