Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday Morning

I'm not exactly sure where to pick back up. I have a whole life that has been patiently waiting in the sidelines this past week. It's all still there - dart league, work, emails, the school schedule... and even dishes and laundry. There's some sort of comfort in that.

The fair was in town this week, so after everyone flew out and things settled down a bit... it was nice to spend Friday with my daughter and see her have such a good time. They had let school out for the day so that the kids could all go, which was nice. Ann Marie was really close with my grandmother, too. It's just been a hard week.

I dont really have a lot to say... other than that I miss her very much. I feel like time will help me to sort through my thoughts and feelings, so I am just letting time pass and taking things one day at a time.

The children are spending the weekend with family & friends, so this is the first quiet day I've had to myself. Something I imagine I'll enjoy very much.

I think I'll start with coffee...