Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Update Regarding Email - Important

Over the years I have made it a point to give a high level of personal attention to each and every email that arrives in my Inbox. Considering the sheer volume of questions that I recieve, it is a huge task on my end to send a personal response to each and every message... but in almost 9 years, I have kept it as a high priority.

This was key in building the foundation to my business in the beginning, particularly when I was managing a service-based business. I enjoyed getting to know people in the industry, helping people with start-up ventures, sharing resources... and made some incredible friends and contacts along the way.

That said, it has become almost impossible for me to keep up with the messages that arrive on a daily basis at this point. It is very time consuming for me... and costs me a great deal of working hours that I would prefer to spend with paying clients as well as completing my own projects. This has been an ongoing issue for me the last few months, and after some careful consideration I have come up with a few changes to my business model and work schedule that I feel will be beneficial for everyone involved.

Effective September 1, 2005 I will no longer be accepting personal messages via email. I have a revised communication model going into effect that will route all messages to more appropriate (and effective) means of accomplishing the same - or better - results.

Any and all questions may be posted in the appropriate category on my Discussion Forum. Suggestions for new categories may be posted in the Feedback section. If your message is of a personal nature, you may use the Private Messaging function to reach me. Use of the Forum does require registration, but it only takes a minute or two to register as a Member of SSWT.

You will find that there are many benefits to Membership at the SSWT Forum, including: networking, sharing resources, brainstorming, idea generation - in addition to fast and thorough answers to any questions you may have about online business or internet marketing topics.

You may also set up a Profile which includes your photo (optional), a link to your website and a detailed Signature file which will appear below each post that you make. This gives you an opportunity for increased exposure and targeted networking... not to mention the benefits of the inbound links to your website that you are creating with each post ;)

Please take the time to post your messages in the most appropriate category, and to be as specific as possible. Private Messaging is for personal messages only - all business related questions should be posted on the discussion forum. Myself, along with moderators and active members of the SSWT Forum will respond to your questions ASAP.

You will find the Members to be extremely resourceful, very open and welcoming - and offering a wide variety of experience and expertise to add to your discussion.

If you specifically need expert consultation or hands-on assistance with your project, you may join us at Turning Ideas Into Dollars! for only $12.97/month (rates subject to change). My partner Andre and I will work with you personally to develop a business model or to tweak your current business model for increased profit potential.

There is no contract involved, so you may join for as little as one month to see if it is a good match for you, and stay a member for as long as you like. Your rate for membership will never increase from the rate applicable at the time your account is activated.

Many of our members at TIID are quitting their day jobs, reaching their goals, or even launching their first e-business in record time! This is a very serious, fast-paced community... and a group to which I am 100% committed. If you need my help, or would like my input, becoming an active member of TIID is the absolute quickest way to get that ;)

Directing all correspondence to either SSWT or TIID will allow me to respond to messages from any location, giving me greater control and freedom over my schedule and lifestyle. Ultimately these changes will allow me to become even more productive... while continuing to help others to do the same.