Saturday, April 01, 2006

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If you're still reading this blog, you're missing the latest posts from Lynn. Here's a quick rundown of what you'll find on the new domain:

Wow… (speechless)
I ran across a simple blog. It’s hosted on (free blog host). There are no keywords in the title bar. There is no fancy tagline in the header. It is laid out on a black background, with various colors of text. There are few words, and no major copywriting went into them. It doesnt target a specific market or niche…

Workaholics Anonymous
I’ve jokingly referred to myself as a “workaholic”, and dont have a problem admitting that I used to be one. But reading over this article, I’m really glad that I’m not. Or at least that I am not anymore…

New Blog for Health Geeks
Paul Short has just announced the newest addition to the BlogLogic Network, a blog created specifically to “help geeks get healthy”.

Spank Me! Bite Me! Pull My Hair! ?????
Jason Cain is quite the character. If you are subscribed to his email list, or frequent his blog, then you can always count on a good read. With all of the dry stuff circulating in the internet marketing realm… his style is a welcome break!

Notable Posts in the Blogosphere
In my blog surfing this week, I came across several great posts that I thought were worth sharing with you. There is a lot of blogging going on out there… but I considered these worth bookmarking, sharing, and reading again! Feel free to add to the list.

Blog Email Notification
As a blog owner, or as a blog reader, how important is the Blog Email Notification option to you? As a reader of many blogs myself, I really love this feature - and find that I am disappointed when certain blogs dont offer it. I’d love to hear your opinion. What do you think?

If You Work At Home…
If you are sitting in front of your computer, day in and day out, for hours on end… then this post is for you! Just a few simple tips for resolving “cabin fever” and “brain mush”, coming from a woman who has been in a home-office environment for almost 10 years now!

Moving from Blogger to WordPress
When I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, I had two options. I could start fresh, or I could import all of my content here to the new WordPress platform. I actually put quite a bit of thought into that… and I decided NOT to import my old posts into this new blog. Find out why, and what else I did to make this a smooth transition.

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