Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Thoughts on Joel Comm

As promised, my thoughts on Joel Comm and the Adsense Secrets teleseminar...

First, here's a note from Chris Knight on the recording of last night's call:


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I do realize that Joel Comm has been around for a bit now, and many of you are probably already familiar with him and with his Google Adsense Secrets course. I had actually read William Charlwood's Definitive Guide to Google Adsense (and loved it!) before this one came out, so I didnt jump at the chance to buy Joel's book when I first heard about it. So yes, I'm late to the "Joel Comm fan club" - but hey, I'm here now ;-)

Some of you may think I'm just a big guru fan, but that's simply not the case. In fact, I can be quite the skeptic! I have learned my lesson about jumping on bandwagon's too... and there's been more than one time that I've had to state a change of thinking.

Anyway, over the last 48 hours I have followed an impressive trail of links and had the opportunity to check Joel out a bit. I'll share with you some of what I learned along the way...

Let me just say, though, that I am no newbie when it comes to Google Adsense. In fact, you've probably heard me offer my own Adsense tips through my Weekly Newsletter or even at my Discussion Forum.

So why the sudden interest in Joel's Adsense courses? I'll tell you straight up:

Yes, I use Adsense. And yes, I get a decent check every month. But it hasnt been my primary focus over the last year or so. Instead I have been focusing on product-based affiliate sites and on automating my affiliate sales. I have managed to create several consistent streams of Passive Income, which I am very pleased with.

Adsense represents one of those sources but I actually cut back my Adsense placement to encourage product sales, or to discourage distraction from the main objective of certain pages. Simply put, I dont have "adsense sites" - instead, I was placing Adsense on various websites that were already out there.

(To give you an idea of why I cut back on Adsense, read "Adsense, Is it right for YOUR Site?" in this archived issue of SSWT: Google Adsense Tips )

To give credit where credit is due, it was actually a recent conversation with Rae that originally inspired this re-thinking of my Adsense revenue. Rae and I were discussing PubCon (anyone going??) among a million other things - Adsense being one of the quick topics we touched on. If you know Rae, you practically have to take notes when she's talking... because she moves quick and she's full of good info! LOL ;-)

Anyway, the comment she made about Adsense took root in the back of my mind, and then this teleseminar announcement came through my Inbox the very next morning. So I thought what the heck, I'll listen in, right?

What I learned on the call...

Already being familiar with Adsense, and optimizing it for higher profit potential, the two main things that I walked away with from this call were: 1) a great impression of Joel Comm, and 2) a serious dose of motivation!

Joel talked about a number of things including section targeting, AdLink units and even video ad formats which are now in beta. He talked a bit about ad layouts, colors & placements - and about getting traffic, and using your email newsletters to increase your Adsense revenue. Lots of good stuff!

You'll want to listen in to the call yourself to catch all of the tips that he shared, because certain points may be more interesting to you than others.

I think one of the best suggestions that Joel made was to keep an Adsense Journal. He mentioned that not tracking your results was one of the biggest mistakes that you could make. The idea was to make small changes, track those results, and keep a record of what works and what doesnt - as it is obviously going to be different for each site or each niche.

He talked about the Adsense Detective and the Adsense Buddy and even Adsense Journal (all of which are bonuses when you order Google Adsense Secrets at his site) which give you details on how the ads are performing across your site - which pages, which ad formats, etc are bringing you the best results.

I really liked the fact that he didnt condone "junk sites" or "blackhat methods"... but instead encouraged people to invest the time into developing quality sites for long-term income potential. He was very encouraging - but also very realistic. The lack of hype gave him lots of bonus points in my book ;-)

When asked if it was too late for "newbies" to get in on Adsense, he stated "no, it's not dead at all!" and "the land rush is still on!". Joel said that with things just heating up between Google, Yahoo and MSN... he anticipates great things ahead for Adsense publishers.

All in all, I found the call very encouraging and very motivating. As I mentioned yesterday, I ordered two of Joel's products - one of which was his newly revised ebook titled Google Adsense Secrets. This is the 3rd Edition, 2006 version, which is 199 pages and content-packed. He mentioned on the call, too, that he had added a 10-page section on Search Engine Optimization to help his readers get free traffic to their websites.

Listen to the call and check him out for yourself. I think you'll really like this guy, and find that he definitely knows what he's talking about when it comes to making money with Google Adsense!

As for me, I'm giving him TWO THUMBS UP and a big smile! :-D

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