Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Free Adsense Secrets

There is a free teleseminar tonight (March 7th) at 8pm EST:

==> http://emailuniverse.com/adsense-secrets/

Learn AdSense revenue generation secrets such as:

- An overview of what's new with AdSense strategies for 2006 and what it means to your bottom line

- What's the scoop on Google's new Ad formats? Why do many fail the first time they try to implement the new formats? (such as the ad link units)

- How you can prune low paying ads from ever appearing on your site

- What the top 3 biggest mistakes most AdSense publishers make

- Learn how to drive & increase the relevant traffic coming your site

- Get a beacon to help you know when you may be crossing the line so that you can remain a whitehat publisher (and not lose your account)

- How to zero in on top-paying ads and pages with keyword research

- Discover how to optimize your website for ads that make you the most money & much more!

This is a free 45 minute interview with Joel Comm, author of "What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense" (3rd edition, 2006):

Here's that link again:

==> http://emailuniverse.com/adsense-secrets/