Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ok, I had to have that!

Tonight's call was really great! I hope you had a chance to listen in... but if not, I do believe Chris is going to post a recording of the call (if I heard him right). I'll keep you posted, and I'll also share my thoughts on Joel Comm and tonight's teleconference...

I'll save that for my next entry, though. It's getting late, I'm tired... and my Nyquil is kicking in :-p

But I will tell you that I'm totally pumped, and I decided to grab a copy of BOTH of Joel's Adsense courses. I ordered his new edition of Google Adsense Secrets (3rd Edition, 2006):

... and his physical product, which is a 2-CD Set and Binder:

I'm psyched, of course - I cant wait to dig in!!

p.s. Does Joel look like Armand Morin on that book cover, or is it just me?? :-p