Thursday, September 28, 2006

September Archives for ClickNewz

Amazon aStore News: Multiple Stores!
I was really pleased to see the email from Amazon this morning regarding their next release for aStore. Specifically the fact that they are (soon) going to allow us to create multiple aStores. The only thing I was left wondering about was the payout structure. They didnt mention any details when they released the first beta version…

Secrets of the A-Listers
Jason Cain (aka Goldblogger) gave me a link to an interesting article titled Secrets of the A-Listers. While this article was written a year and a half ago (May 2005), it’s interesting nonetheless. The author, Tristan Louis, analyzed the blogs of the current A-Listers with two questions in mind…

Buying & Selling VRE (Websites & Domains)
The value of VRE, or Virtual Real Estate, is going up steadily… This is good news for those that want to sell off websites, maybe because they are changing courses or perhaps because they dont have time to monetize them properly themselves. And for a full-time internet marketer, buying an established website is always worth looking into…

Slower holiday sales this year?
Just how high up does gasoline rank on your list of expenses? And does the current price of gas affect your holiday spending? If so, does this mean you would be more apt to shop online and look for sales, deals, free shipping offers - or that you would search at eBay before shopping elsewhere?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Scott Boulch & Adsense

There’s a new report floating around titled The Death of Adsense… and the Return to Common Sense. I finally sat down and took a look at it myself over the weekend, assuming that it was going to be a heavy pitch for something else. But the report was actually quite good, and very well done - a major cliffhanger, in fact.

After reading the report I was pondering what Boulch will come out with next or follow up with. There is a second report coming out in a few days that will undoubtedly answer that question, and I am interested to see if he keeps the momentum going - or douses readers' anticipation with cold water.

I'm guessing he might talk on pay-per-lead affiliate marketing, but I could be wrong. It's just a shot in the dark. If so, I'll be interested to see what he has to say about it as I've had some good success with PPL myself over the years. Well, I'm sure I'll be interested to hear what he has to say regardless - and most interested to see what the general response is to it.

I think that a lot of people will read this report and relate immediately to what Scott is saying. He touches on the reality of making money online - specifically easy money, or passive income - and he makes some statements that will really make you evaluate the time you spend online and the money you are currently earning from your efforts.

Pay special attention to the Boulch Business Rules on page 11. You might want to print that one out…Download It Here (Free)

Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground at the very least. It will be an opportunity to learn something even if it’s just from his marketing strategy when the dust settles.

As for me, the initial report that I linked to in the post above has already (indirectly) sparked some great ideas in my mind - which is usually the case with any material related to IM (good or bad). So from that perspective I am glad I took the time to read the short report (and jotting down notes with a grin!). And I admit I am very much looking forward to his follow-up…

Free Download: The Death of Adsense

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What's New at ClickNewz?

Quite a bit, actually! Check it out:

Free List Building Tips
Registration for this series is now open. It is FREE, and it is an online course that discloses the “secrets of building super-huge super-profitable subscriber lists”.

Free Affiliate Training Center
The Second Tier is a FREE Affiliate Training Center managed by ’super affiliate’ Russell Brunson. The web site contains all the details along with an invitation to become a member…absolutely free.

Your Own Membership Site
Basically he is offering to do all of the work on that membership site, and allow you to keep all of the profits. The licenses are limited of course, so take a look if you think this is something you might be interested in...

Free Google Adwords Guide
This is an 84 page guide on how to profit with the Google Adwords system. You can download this ebook free at the link above.

7 Technorati Tagging & Traffic Tips
This is the easiest way to get your new domains indexed these days - and it’s also a great source of targeted traffic.

Adsense for Search - New Feature
Publishers using AdSense for search now have the option to open search results within their own websites. By adding an additional set of search results code to your page, you can display Google search results framed within your own site.

Can Blogging Make You Rich??
The founder of Fark - Drew Curtis - says that his site should be generating at least $600,000 a month in the very near future. But before your eyes get glazed over with dollar signs and you set out to blog your little heart out, let me share with you what it takes to become a ‘Rich Blogger’…

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Resell Rights
A detailed tutorial for selling Info Products with Resell Rights. In addition to the tutorial, I have an incredible deal for you that, yes, you guessed it! - comes with full Master Resell Rights…

Putting Your Blog Archives to Work for you!
Do you have great posts that are buried? Try these 5 tips to put your Archives to work for you!