Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A bit of rambling ;)

It's the last day of May... gosh, that's hard to believe. It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year and getting 2005 off to a good start. Time really flies, doesnt it?

I've taken a bit of time off here lately to do some thinking - as well as some analyzing & planning. Just a few days, no big deal, and most of it spent potting plants or taking a quick day trip here and there. And of course doing some reading (nothing juicy, mostly "geek stuff"), and analyzing my goals for the remainder of the year...

I like where I am, and I like where I'm going. That's a pretty big statement, I think. I can certainly remember a time when I didnt feel that way at all, and felt like I was struggling against the current to point myself in the right direction (or even get my feet planted!). That does seem like a long time ago now, though... and has become more of a distant memory. I dont know if it's the difference in early 20's and early 30's... or just years of "moving forward"that has made me feel more comfortable and confident.

Regardless, I'm very content. That reminds me though, of a friend that I had about ten years ago. She was going to school to become a psychologist and she always used to tell me "You are exactly where you want to be right now in your life". I would argue that I was NOT. She would "argue" (much less heated and somewhat amused) that I certainly WAS - and that I had made every choice along the way intentionally to get to that point.

Now that made me mad. Not at her, of course - but at myself. It's one thing to blame your environment, your situation or your relationships... but to have to accept that YOU are to blame for everything that has gone wrong in your life is hard to swallow!

As much as I disliked those conversations, I cant deny that they had an impact on me for years to come. I'm not going to say that I totally agree with her statement, or that I dont... but it made me MAD every time I thought about it.

Getting mad is one of those intense emotions - kind of like falling in love or that high level of fear that gets your adrenaline flowing. I think these intense types of emotions are pretty healthy, and are obviously very action-oriented. Focused in the right direction, they can be very productive!

I remind myself of that whenever I feel complacent (or too comfortable). I ask myself, "What do WANT?" or "How do you REALLY feel?". Sometimes I'll grab my long-term goals and go over them - the whole 'dangling carrot' act.

You have to get yourself riled up, you know. You dont have a boss to offer you bonuses or raises - you make your own rewards! Want more money? Go get it! Cant reach it? Get MAD! Need a vacation? Take one!

It's all about TAKING control (yes, it's there for the taking!) and getting your juices flowing again. Dont settle for one thing when you really want the other ;)

Anyway - let me stop rambling and get back to the point... What she said to me really made me THINK. I knew that I was NOT exactly where I wanted to be, and I knew that I had not put myself there intentionally. But I also began to realize that I COULD begin making deliberate choices... and point myself in the direction that I did want to go.

That was back in my early 20's - about ten years ago. I was working for hourly wages, raising young children and battling the 'too few hours in a day' syndrome. I took some big risks to break out of that... and somehow pulled it off. There was a sort of adrenaline behind it all - a strong emotion. The desire to succeed and to prove myself, I suppose.

Emotions are good. It would serve us all well to sit back and take stock of what our driving force is. What makes us tick? What gets us riled up, and what crazy thing is it (for you!) that makes us do things "against all odds"?

For me, in the beginning, it was personal. But somewhere along the way I caught a vision for something more. It was a turning point, I guess I'd call it - as I had won that crazy battle with myself and started thinking past that - much bigger and much broader. I'm well on my way. I'm "exactly where I want to be in my life right now" ... and I like where I am, and where I am going :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Winning the Lottery

The Powerball Jackpot in the Tennessee Lottery is up to $180 million dollars... and they are drawing numbers tonight.

Check out some of these 'normal folks' that won the lottery - various amounts from different games, from scratch-off cards to powerball. Personally, I dont play often. I get a card every now and then for a buck or two and I've even won a few dollars here and there (the highest amount $44, I believe).

It is fun, I have to admit. The Tennessee Lottery is still fairly new - we've only had it for a little over a year. Before that people would generally drive to Kentucky or other surrounding states to buy lottery tickets... if they played at all. Like I said, I dont play much. I've probably only bought 5 or 6 tickets in the last year and a half.

But with the jackpot up to $180 million... did I buy a Powerball ticket? Yes! 5 numbers, in fact... and I'll be watching tonight to see if they draw a winner, or if it goes on for another week.

Somebody will win tonight, no doubt. Our powerball has never gone over $200,000,000.00 - so if there isnt a winning ticket out there yet, you can bet there will be A LOT of ticket sales between now and Saturday!

Think about it - someone will win this insane amount of money. It could be a struggling college student, a retired couple, a young mother, your next door neighbor even... it could be anyone. It's entirely TOO much money for any one person, if you ask me. The interest you would draw on that kind of prize alone would be more than you could reasonably spend. But somebody will win it.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I have just as much a chance to win the lottery as anyone else, and with a ticket in my hand... the thought of "what would I do with the money?" has passed through my mind more than once. Sure, the chances are 1 in a million (literally) - but someone has to be that ONE.

Your life would change overnight. The responsibility that comes with that kind of money would be life-changing in itself. I can only imagine how winners have felt when they first realized they were holding a winning ticket for such a large sum. Imagine yourself watching the 10 o'clock news when they call out the numbers, holding your card in your hand - and realizing that YOU were that ONE in a million. Seriously, close your eyes and just imagine that scenario for a minute!

What would you do?

Monday, May 23, 2005

One Word

If you could choose one word that best describes how you would most like to be... what word would that be?

Not a word that describes who or how you are now, but a word that describes the person you are striving to become.

For me, that word would be driven. I think that would describe me, inside and out, when I have reached my full potential.

When I see myself (the person I aspire to be, and am working towards), I see that being driven is the root of everything that I am, that I do and that I accomplish.

It requires a goal or main objective, to be driven towards, of course. I will feel positive and ALIVE because I chose my own goals and am achieving them successfully. I will wake up alert and positive each morning because I anticipate the day ahead - and every day of my future. I will enjoy exercise and healthy foods because I love how they make me feel and look, and will be driven to continue these habits every day of my life. I will work and live and love with a definite purpose that gives me a drive like nothing else under the sun!

I say that's what I'm working towards - that person that I aspire to be, lifestyle and all - - but now that I have written it all out in front of me... I realize that I already am.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Full Days, Morning to Night

Lately I have been putting in more hours - almost working "full time" again. It's new ideas, a strong urge to reach some of my short-term goals, and even a bit of catch-up work where I was off last month.

No worries of course... I'm still taking plenty of time out to enjoy the nice weather, work on my flower beds, have meals with friends, and hang out with my kids. I've even been hitting the gym lately and getting back into my Cardio Kickboxing classes, too ;)

I've been reading Think and Grow Rich, which I'm quite sure has a lot to do with this recent surge in motivation & energy. It certainly offers you a good share of both... not to mention a sense of confidence ~ making you realize you can achieve anything! It's one of the best books I've ever picked up... without a doubt.

I just started a new pay-per-click campaign on Adwords that I've been wanting to test. I ran across a whole slew of keywords earlier in the week that had NO ads running... so I compiled the list and then did a bit of thinking on which product to promote. I'm not sure yet how well these keywords will convert... but I think I'll test 2 or 3 products on them to see what kind of results I get.

Of course, I'm still working on my "affiliate site" too. Lately I've been updating links & products for the most part... but also repositioning adsense and looking into higher quality link partners. I generally spend about 3 hours a week on this site, give or take. It's only 6 months old, so I'm still keeping a close eye on this one. It is making sales on a daily basis now, though, so I'm fairly pleased with it.

Let's see... This morning I noticed that my "online business ideas" page is now ranking in the top 10 at Google. This is one that I used as an example in the Keywords: Choosing Them & Using Them issue last month. It's great to go from nowhere to "top ten" in 4 weeks! Even better to 'prove a method' and hopefully help many others do the same ;)

Of course, the page itself needs a bit of work... I'm planning to rewrite the content top to bottom, and I really need to get on that now that the page is ranking so well!

Outside of those few things, I'm working hard to catch up with emails (ack!) and working on sites & marketing plans for a couple of clients... in addition to adding content, writing newsletters, keeping up with forums etc on my own sites. It's been busy, no doubt about that!

Once I get a few of my larger projects off the list, I can relax a bit again. But for now I'm going to put this motivation & energy to good use! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dream Home Revisited - Motivation Renewed!

Remember my dream home? I had opportunity to visit it again today...

It all started when I went to work with Albert one morning. He needed help measuring a swimming pool for a new liner, so that he could give the real estate company a quote on the repairs. This was actually during his off season, so he didnt have any help lined up and I would just ride out with him on the odd job to help him out. Not to mention it was a great opportunity to get out of the house :)

I fell in love with the place the minute we arrived... and after I helped Albert with the measurements, did a complete walk-around and walk-through. In the end, the timing wasn't right for me to buy this home and other decisions were made.

It (the house, and my falling in love with it) was actually a great point of inspiration for me and was the launching pad for some new financial goals & plans. That very month I paid off several debts, and set goals to become completely debt-free and also build on my savings throughout the rest of the year.

The dream home wasn't meant to be (at that time)... but the seed was planted, and was the motivating factor that set certain things into motion - that were 'meant to be'... at that time.

Since then (which was almost 6 months ago), many things have happened - including my recent move across town. When my time with Grandmother was over I decided to rent for awhile and take some time to adjust to the change in lifestyle before making any major decisions about permanent locations or long-term debts.

My expenses are low and the house is great. The kids are still young (8 & 13) and very much enjoy being in town and near the Civic Center (lots of sports, big playground, ball fields & swimming pool). It's nice, very comfortable, and the neighborhood is quiet.

my daughter, 8yo

I must admit, it took me awhile to adjust to all of the changes - missing Grandmother, the house being so quiet during the day, the move... I felt a bit out of place for the first several weeks until I finally started feeling "at home" in the new place.

During that time I felt a little stir crazy at times, so I would make rounds with Albert a couple of mornings a week. Usually just for a few hours, but it really made a difference. I went with him to hang a liner one morning and really enjoyed the work... so I offered to tag along anytime he had one to hang.

It's a great deal for him, because I only ask for about half the pay that the boys usually get on that job. For me, it's more about the chance to get some sunshine and exercise - - and to get out of the house.

After 8 years of working computers... I cant even describe how great it feels to put in a few hours of REAL labor! It can be a nasty job mind you (usually a big smelly hole in the back yard full of frogs and muck), but by the time we walk out of there it is a gorgeous swimming pool.

in progress

It's an impressive job start to finish, and I've gained a lot of respect for the "pool man". Most of Albert's friends will say "you've got it made!" when he tells them what he does... but then, beautiful shimmering clean swimming pools with gorgeous babes tanning beside them dont usually need servicing ;)

Anyway, he had a liner job to do this morning so I went along. Ironically it was the "dream house" that we measured last winter! A young couple had bought the big log home and they needed someone to come out and repair the swimming pool and get it running for the summer.

That was the first time I'd been back out there since the plans for buying it fell through last winter. A lot of things went through my mind. Namely that I had made all of the right decisions between then and now... and that I felt very good about the direction that things were moving.

I also felt a renewed sense of confidence and motivation :) That house inspires me like nothing else I've encountered. I dont know how to explain it, except that I feel very at home out there and some keen connection with this place. Almost 6 months after the first time I saw it (in the dead of winter), it has changed so much - - huge blooming rose bushes, full hostas, green trees... and now the pool very clean and inviting instead of looking like a "money pit"...

I feel as if the house represents a specific thing to work towards. Put in my path to inspire me. I am certainly not wishing the young couple out before their time... but I also know that people move, things change, jobs transfer - and if I am meant to make that house my home then it will happen when I am ready for it, and it is ready for me.

At the same time, I am keeping my mind open to the fact that there are other houses. Maybe even better houses. But I am constantly drawn back to this one when I think of a home... and at the very least, will always remember it as the thing that inspired me to dream bigger than ever before.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Be Inspired

We can be inspired by many things, and in many ways. Sometimes it is intentional, such as when you read the work of Napoleon Hill or Og Mandino. Other times it is unexpected, like when you meet someone that inspires you... or see a thing or place that captivates you and becomes an inspiration to you.

Some people choose to be inspired, or even include something inspirational in their daily routine - such as a devotionals or affirmations... while others become inspired in a more spontaneous way, such as when it falls on their head or trips them and forces them straight into it.

To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence.
To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion.

To stimulate to action; motivate.
To affect or touch.
To draw forth; elicit or arouse.
To be the cause or source of; bring about.
To stimulate energies, ideals, or reverence.

Do you choose to be inspired?

What inspires you most?

Those are general questions, I realize - but I am asking you if your mind is open to being inspired on every level... and also if you intentionally seek inspiration, such as through reading or reminding yourself of specific goals.

I look for inspiration in everything - always open to things that will improve my business, my home or my lifestyle. This is one of the reasons that I love to read, and to meet new people. Sometimes just seeing something that I truly love or that really captured my attention will give me drive and motivation for months to come... considering all possible scenarios to achieve it.

And in the spells when I am feeling down or tired, or not particularly motivated... these are the times that I am not looking outward, but focusing more inward instead.

Just a little self-discovery. Would love to hear your thoughts, too.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Sunshine, Carnivals & Summer Break

The weather here in Tennessee has been absolutely gorgeous lately. Hot, humid, sunny... and luring me outdoors every chance it gets. Some days are stifling hot, but it's still a great break from the chilly weather of late Winter and early Spring. For the most part there has been just enough of a breeze to make the afternoons perfect.

My petunias have grown twice their size in the last week, and are full of deep purple blooms. Big full pots of begonias sit on each side of my hammock swing in the back yard, obviously content with the great mix of sun and shade there. This is the most perfect time of year in Tennessee, with everything blooming out so full and colorful in the warm sunshine.

The season itself is in full bloom with proms & graduations, carnivals and roadside flower stands. The children will be out of school so soon now that they are counting down the days. We've been choosing summer camps and making plans for the rest of their summer vacation... shopping for shorts & swimsuits and looking at new camping gear.

Last night we stayed out late and I barely got the children in bed by 10 o'clock (on a school night, no less). We had gone to the traveling carnival that is in town for the week. Ann Marie had her first ride on a Ferris Wheel, and we spent the next two hours riding all sorts of crazy rides and eating funnel cakes with powdered sugar. We were all hot, nautious and incredibly tired when we left... but it was a great night nonetheless.

Spring Fever I think is what they call this... It hit me late this year because we had such cool weather up until the last week or so. It's definitely time to 'tune up' the laptop, because I have a feeling we'll be on the go for the next few months ;)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Organizing my ideas...

My ISP was down for a little while this morning, so I took that opportunity to clean & organize my work area a bit and go out for a quick breakfast. Fortunately it was back up when I returned around 9:30am.

Most of the things I found on my desk earlier this morning were ideas. My mind has really been kicking out some good ones lately so I had them jotted down here, there and everywhere - making a complete mess of my desk in the process!

Of course, organizing all of those ideas made me ponder the thought of putting them into action... along with all of the other projects I have going (or currently on hold at the moment) - - and realistically, I cant do them all. Even if I could, I wouldnt want to spend the time to manage it all.

Outsourcing is an option. Or hiring a part-time assistant. Ideally I would love to hire someone that could work on-site again (that has always worked out well for me)... and it would be an added bonus if they were willing to 'babysit' on the side. [grin]

I'll have to put some more thought into that. For now, I'm off to catch up on the dreaded email! ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Now THAT Just Blows Me Away!

I was taking care of some link exchanges and checking on backlinks and such this morning, when I ran across this inbound link to my site: http://www.guaranteed-ads.com/articles.html . I checked it out, because I wanted to see what kind of link they had placed about my web page...

Yeah, take a peek: http://www.guaranteed-ads.com/articles.html . Anything look familiar? At first (before I scrolled), it was just the newsletter subscribe option at the top left that jumped out and smacked me in the face. Nevermind the general layout & fonts... and that particular shade of Red I use as a contrasting font color within content areas -- that newsletter sign-up box was IDENTICAL to mine.

Wait, it gets worse. Scroll down. See "Hot Topics", "Focus Topics", "Site Navigation"? At this point it was getting more and more obvious that this was a complete rip off of my site! Even the sub-categories are the same... which is where that inbound link came from (he forgot to edit one of them). GEEEEZ.

But it gets even worse than that... Scroll down even further and you see:

"Get Ready to Learn the Difference Between Websites that COST you Money... and Websites that MAKE you Money! "

Now that BITES. That's a tagline I've worked on for years. But the two paragraphs below it... a complete COPY of my own text! Which leads me to believe that Tim does NOT have "over seven years experience in"... anything.

Even the damn footer is the same! (with his contact info, of course)

That just blows me away... I think I'm still in shock. What was this guy thinking?

I'm off to phone him and find out...

Free Niche Directory Revisited

Andre Chaperon has a Free Niche Marketing Web Directory, which I think I've mentioned to you before (a couple of months ago, maybe?). At any rate, I looked in over there again this morning and found that - well... it's fairly empty!

However... Almost all of the pages in Andre's directory have a TBPR of 4 (that's Toolbar Page Rank), and with less outgoing links these pages are a PRIME spot to add your listing!

Definitely head over there and exchange links with Andre if you havent already: http://www.andrechaperon.com/niche/directory/

Speaking of Niche Marketing, finding Niche Markets was the topic of my newsletter yesterday. If you're having a problem choosing a niche to work with, or finding new niches, check out yesterday's issue at: http://www.selfstartersweeklytips.com/archives/051005.htm

Monday, May 09, 2005

Finding Products That SELL

I just ran across this free report by Paul Smithson:

Secrets for Finding the Hottest Products to Sell on the Web
Discover what the Internet buying public wants, what they can't live without -- and how much they're willing to pay for it!

Discover ...

-> what the Internet buying population is hungry for
-> how to locate little-known areas where the "fish are biting" and
-> the top 3 ways of finding products and services that sell like crazy on the Web

... so that you can cash in on the top-selling and most profitable products every time!

You can grab a copy of this free report at:


Back on track... Finally!

I'm finally catching my breath and starting to find my place with the new location & routine. After several weeks of working hard, rushing, catching up, organizing and basically being wound tight with an overwhelming to-do list... I finally took some time off and had a very fun and relaxing weekend. It was absolutely wonderful (and much needed!) and just brought me right back to myself. I woke up this Monday morning feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to roll!

I've spent the better part of my morning accomplishing one thing after the other, and prioritizing the things that are still on my list for the week. I also finished Aaron Wall's SEO Book, which I've been reading a little each day over the last few weeks. There were a ton of great ideas and resources within those pages... I made so many notes on them that I'm going to have to go back and hit them again one at a time. Writing a full review of the book is definitely on my task list, so I'll let you know when I post that online so you can check it out.

Next on my reading list is Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. While I've read much of it in bits & pieces, I've never taken the time to sit down and read it cover to cover - so that's my goal for these last few weeks of May ;)

Reading isnt necessarily a priority for me - it's more something I'd like to make a habit. I like the idea of reading every day as much as I like the idea of eating healthy and getting exercise - part of an overall lifestyle I am working myself into. I enjoy reading, and I love to take walks or go for a swim... or even play ping pong with my daughter for 30 minutes to an hour after school.

For some reason, though, health & enjoyment are two things that most people mark low on their list of priorities... me included, up until recently. Being a workaholic doesnt help, and then there is "life" to manage - such as taking care of children, managing meals, getting the oil changed, yard work... you name it! As a single mother with a full-time career, work and "life" have taken up most of my time these last several years.

Things are changing now, though - and have been going in this new direction for the last year or so. There are a couple of factors at work there... the first being that my children are getting older and becoming more responsible and even helpful. And more recently the extra time that I have now that I am not taking care of Grandmother full-time. But the most important thing that has contributed to the "relief" and the ability to think bigger & plan bigger... is that the majority of my income is now passive.

This just basically means that I am making money even when I am not working. During the move, and the chaos that followed (ack!), for example - I was able to focus on the things that I needed to be doing. Not on "earning a living"... because that was (thankfully) taking care of itself while I was busy with those other things in my life.

I've put a lot of thought into all of this over the last few weeks, while I've been 'adjusting' to our new schedule & routine. I've listed out the things that are most important to me, in regards to my overall lifestyle (including a habit of daily reading, regular exercise and more emphasis on health - to name a few).

On the one hand, it's very tempting to spend all of my free time duplicating the things I've been successful with online. Even when I've taken "time off", I've usually been "thinking business" or coming up with ideas for eBusiness ventures or marketing tactics that I want to research.

Lately, though, I find myself spreading my focus across several areas. It seems that things are coming to somewhat of a balance, which is a good thing. Such as truly enjoying the time I spend repotting my plants, laying across my hammock swing in the back yard, a long ride out of town on a sunny day, or dinner out with the kids at our favorite restaurant.

Before, these things seemed almost frivolous to me - like I was wasting time when there was "so much to get done yet". My ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect balance (emotionally, physically, spiritually & financially), where everything runs smoothly and everything has it's time and place.

But... until perfection smacks me in the forehead, I'm very content to get my drive back in regards to work and my financial goals, and to see our home coming together so nicely - for things to be straightening themselves out and getting back to normal, anyway ;)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I was blogging earlier when we had a power surge that rebooted my computer... so the post was lost forever. I figure that's a sign I'd better quit typing and get some rest ;)

Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

I've had a great weekend so far - hope you have too!

Friday, May 06, 2005

TGIF - What a Week!

My mind has been in a million places this week. It's hard to believe it's already Friday - and almost the weekend again. Out of curiosity, I checked my business horoscope for the week on Yahoo! this morning and it said:

As much as you'd like to be efficient at the beginning of the week, you're probably going to feel a little bogged down by all the things you're thinking about -- your career, the future, and the like. It's worth wondering if it's time for a big change. Nevertheless, toward the middle of the week, a creative project is going to energize you again...

It couldn't be more on target. I'm not big on horoscopes and such, but I have to admit that it made me feel better that the way I've felt this week was just "in the stars" - and not me. LOL And at least I'm not the only Gemini feeling scattered this week! ;)

I'm off to catch up on my email (if that's even possible!) and clean off my desk, so I can get out of here for a bit this weekend. Otherwise I'm going to go stir-crazy!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Google Adwords Changes

Google Adwords is going through a lot of changes lately, and Perry Marshall (author of The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords) is planning to address those in a free Teleseminar tomorrow night. That's Wednesday, May 4th. He's planning to cover:

-> The new "cost per impression" model - is pay per click going away? Non-obvious implications of this
-> New opportunities from site-targeting your ads
-> Bid optimizer: Great new tool or bad idea? We'll tell you what it's good for and what it's not
-> "The sky is falling" - or is it? The bottom line on Click Fraud

You can get the call-in Codes here:

Be sure to sign up - Perry usually sends out the recorded MP3 version to those on the notification list!

Monday, May 02, 2005

A Consistent Twist

Check out Kieron's blog - he's a cool fellow from the UK that I just met this morning... into Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc: http://www.here.org.uk

It won't take you but a minute to figure out what it is if you read a few posts on the front page, but he has an interesting little twist in each post. Every post, same place, same thing - it's a "consistent twist".

I found myself scanning his posts to check out that one little addition in each one, once I realized what he was doing. Too funny!

It reminded me just how scattered I can be sometimes (laugh). Seriously though, it was a great reminder that readers love consistency and that they come to expect certain things from certain writers or bloggers. I know that you expect me to be consistently scattered - all over the place, hopping from topic to topic - and of course, I aim to please ;)

How To Have An Amazing Week

I just got this incredible email from Mike Litman - really motivating!! Give it a quick read and let's all have an AMAZING WEEK!


In Latin the word means 'to dare'.

This word is so critical to your success and it's a common attribute of the most successful people in the world.

Like whom you ask?

Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Meg Whitman, Steve Jobs and tons of others.

You want more?


Warren Buffet, Derek Jeter, Julia Roberts and others.

Let me tell you why I'm sharing this point with you today and why it can help you quickly reach your goals and dreams.

I just finished up a book called 'Against The Gods'. It was a good book, but a little over my head. It was about science, statistics, and math, interesting, but not a 'must read'.

Let me share with you the subtitle to the book and why it caught my attention.

The subtitle is: The Remarkable Story Of Risk

Yes, RISK.

The word RISK in Latin means 'to dare' and here's my challenge to you this week.

You ready?

Seriously, only continue reading if you're ready to SAY YES and TAKE Action.

Ok, onward.

First, one of my early mentors shared with me a quote that I've always kept by my side because it's so powerful. (write this down)

"Nothing great has ever been accomplished without stretching yourself."


Stretching yourself.

But even more important is the work RISK and here's why.

This week is a call for you to go BEYOND anything you've done in the past.

This week is a call to risk, more importantly, TO DARE.

DARE to stretch yourself, dare to live up to your greatest potential, dare to be more powerful, DARE to be stronger, dare to UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS.

Here's your challenge.

It's not complex, but--oh boy--if you can follow through your life will incredibly change.

***You need to do ONE THING each day this week that you don't want to do.


Because YOU only grow by doing the things you don't want to do.

DARE to go against everyone's natural tendency to put things off till 'tomorrow'.

FLEX your SUCCESS MUSCLES and DARE to be great.

Ask yourself:

What is 1 thing that I don't want to do today, but if I did it, it would move my life and/or business forward?

Then write it down and START today.

You can be greater then you've EVER imagined and it starts by daring and risking yourself to be more.

Remember, progress is always about going from awkward to natural.

We’re always uncomfortable before we're comfortable.

Get uncomfortable and NEVER give up on yourself or your dreams.

I BELIEVE in your greatness.

Make your move.

Talk to you soon.

Mike Litman


If you're not familiar with Mike Litman, you can read the Introduction to his best-seller (Conversations with Millionaires) and also take advantage of his free CD offer here: How to Become a Millionaire - Enjoy ;)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Making More Money with Content Sites

Mark shared a great article with me this morning by Andy Williams. He talks about content websites, and what you should be doing (specifically) to earn more money with them.

You can read the full article on Andy's Blog here:

Look for the section titled "Slow Affiliate sales from content sites?"

Great advice!!

If you've got a content site (or a whole slew of them!), I'd love to hear what you thought of the article.