Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Free: Success Secrets

Another Must-See this week:

"Discovered! Success Secrets..."

This is a powerful new book created by ten of Yanik Silver's and Jim Edward's apprentices. It's packed with powerful insights, tips, techniques and strategies for jump-starting an online business.

This is an opportunity to see "behind closed doors" with several successful e-business owners - including details about how they got started, what steps they took to reach their goals, and their individual business models.

You will receive full resell rights/redistribution to this ebook. You can sell it or give it away as a bonus or gift. The choice is yours!

Included is an exlusive 60 minute Teleconference with the contributors of this book. I'm in the process of reading/listening right now. This is GREAT stuff!

Get your copy at: