Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Tortoise And The Hare

In the classic children's story we're taught that "slow and steady wins the race"... and for some reason this has been on my mind for the last couple of days as I have been going over my business & marketing plans.

I have a couple of lingering goals, still on the task list, and I'm trying to decide if I really want to kick things into high gear and end 2004 with a BANG... or just continue to work steadily towards those goals. I'm actually making great progress in several different areas, and still have plenty of free time on my hands to enjoy the holidays - so I'm not sure I want to mess with that balance.

On the other hand, I'm itching to really jump ahead. I think it's just the fact that I know I CAN, or maybe I'm just up for another good challenge... Maybe I'll just take it one day at a time and go with the flow - see how I feel. It may just be that I can squeeze in a few extra things here and there ;)

As for the new site, Yahoo! Slurp and MSN Bot are finally making their way over to crawl. It looks like a total of 7 visits between the two in the last couple of days. All three engines now have my feed listed, and Google is showing a total of 79 pages indexed. I think we've added 30-something pages to the site this week, and of course I'm updating the Product Feed daily.

Things are moving along very well there. Still only 6 sales to report, but I'm happy with this first month so far.

I have a programmer looking into my software project - finally :) We spoke several weeks ago, and this is a project I don't want to rush, so I'll wait until I hear more from him before doing anything else with it. I already have the domains registered, the pricing worked out, and an outline of the sales copy...

I have the revamp of the entire SSWT site that I am working on, and to tell you the truth - I am sitting idle on that project. This is one I'd really like to get completed, so I may work a good 30-60 minutes towards this project into my morning routine. Honestly, I think I just got sidetracked with the new site, the holidays, and the projects I was completing for my clients.

No worries - I'll get back on it, and probably have it running live by New Years ;)

I guess more than anything I'm just thinking out loud here... trying to organize and prioritize and figure out how I want to end this year. It's been SUCH a good one - in so many ways. Maybe I should just take it easy and glide through these last few weeks... and then really hit 2005 wide open.

After all, there's no real race here - and no way to lose. I like that!

So maybe I'll just wake up tomorrow and see how I feel - and go from there...

Man, I love being in control :)