Sunday, December 12, 2004

The "Secret" Site

My new site (yes, my "secret" site *grin*) made two more sales this weekend... for a total of 8, now. I'm VERY pleased with this first month online, as the site isnt even finished - yet it's already converting visitors into buyers!

I was just looking at my stats, and noticed that two visitors arrived on the site from the same search phrase. When searched on Google, my page is in the #1 spot! The search was for a specific product on that page, and of course the search phrase (name of the product) was bolded in the description of my listing... very nice :)

Another of the pages was #12 on Google (that's #2 on the second page) for a search phrase that also brought in two new visitors. It's really interesting to grab these phrases out of your stats, and then do the search yourself to get an idea of what those searchers are seeing.

One thing I noticed is that most of the competing pages have terrible page titles. That is actually something I gave a lot of attention - doing my best to encourage a click by the Title alone. Fortunately, even though I'm working in a very competitive market... most of the competing sites are not owned by webmasters or internet marketers. I am sure they are experts on the topic itself, more so than I... but I still feel as if I have a huge advantage.

Copywriting and SEO are both great skills to learn in depth - but I'm finding more and more that "SEO Copywriting" is super-important. Because while you do want your keywords in the Title bar of your web page... you also want that title to be visually appealing to the people that are searching those terms. And you need it to entice them to click on YOUR page, rather than a competing page in the results!

Not always an easy combination - but taking the time to be creative and put some thought into it (yes - across hundreds of pages) - - can really pay off!

Anyway - I managed to get a whole slew of relevant inbound links this week... and we added 5 or 6 new sections to the site, which is probably around 50 new pages. I want to RULE the SERPs on this topic... and I plan to ;)