Thursday, December 09, 2004

Super Verbs In Your Copy

I was just reading Karon Thackston's latest issue of Business Essentials Ezine, in which she talked about using "Super Verbs" (versus just plain old verbs) in your copy. Some of the examples she gave were:

Accent - emphasize, underscore
Break - smash, crush, demolish
Eat - consume, devour, feast
Forgive - pardon, excuse, overlook
Hate - detest, loathe, despise
Imagine - envision, conjure, conceptualize
Improve - enhance, refine, perfect
Jump - leap, lunge, bound
Learn - discover, grasp, comprehend
Like - admire, adore, cherish, delight in
Make - create, engineer, design
Promise - vow, swear
Reveal - manifest, unveil, disclose

This is GOOD stuff... certainly gets the creativity flowing, doesn't it? It's a well known fact that using Verbs in your titles and headlines works much better than using Nouns, so it makes sense that these "Super Verbs" could really engage your readers throughout your copy!

Karen has a great little guide titled How to Increase Keyword Saturation Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy. I've also read her SEO Copywriting course - and both were really impressive. I particularly liked her Guide on Keyword Saturation (aka Keyword Density) as it teaches some very creative ways to include your keyword phrases within your copy without sounding "odd".

Like I said, I find her work to be very impressive. You should definitely get signed up for her free Ezine, at the very least ;)