Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Quick Update

This is just a quick update on the new site I am working on, for those of you following along. I was looking over my stats this evening, and found that there have been a total of 672 "visits" to the site. Obviously a few of those would be me :}

According to my stats program, most of these are 'uniques' - a visitor may be counted twice, though, if they visit again after the 'timeout period' (which is set to half an hour). So certainly over the last few weeks, I could account for a handful of those 672 visits.

I could probably guess that around 72 of those visits were me, as I've been working on the site and double-checking the pages online after each update. Possibly more, but we'll go with that to make the math easy. Considering there have been 3 sales, that would amount to a .5% (half a percent) conversion rate.

Not so great, but the stats are skewed, and more time will tell truer numbers...

The good news is that Google has indexed even more of the pages - 78 pages, now, to be exact. Very exciting! While I was looking at my stats, I clicked over to see the search terms that visitors are using to find my pages. One of those search terms was a 6-word phrase, that included 3 "stop words". My page ranked #21 for that phrase, which is the #1 spot on page three of the results...

Not top ten, but obviously good enough to get the click ;)

I added the 9 new pages the other night that I mentioned in a previous post, and added a couple of new posts to the 'product feed' (RSS) this morning.

This evening I submitted the product feed to Yahoo!'s news section at: (I didnt realize you could submit RSS Feeds manually to Yahoo - thanks to Paul Short for sharing that with me!)

... But, the pages still aren't indexed by Yahoo or MSN. Is there any way to speed up this process?