Wednesday, November 24, 2004

My First Sale!!

An update on my new website: I made my first sale yesterday!

This is a product-based affiliate site, 100+ pages and growing, that I am promoting specifically via SEO & RSS. No, I havent shared the link with anyone - and for a reason. I'm planning to keep this one "under my hat" for awhile as I do some testing and work on some personal case studies... which I will more than likely reveal at some point in 2005 ;)

So far, 46 pages of the site have been indexed by Google - and still no sign of it in Yahoo or MSN. I'm working on that, though *grin* - so I should have something new to report there by next week.

Anyway, as this site is brand new, there is not a lot of traffic just yet. So making the first sale this early on was really surprising - but very exciting! I look forward to taking this site to the next level, and reporting even more positive results to you very soon!