Saturday, November 27, 2004

MSN Search

Here's how you find out if your web pages are listed in the new MSN Beta Search:

Apparently they have 23 pages of my newest site indexed in their Beta Search Engine.

But if you just go to and do a search - it's nowhere to be found. When do they plan to offer their new search results there at the main site?

While I was there, I noticed that MSN has a "My MSN" page - like "My Yahoo". However, I didnt find an option to add RSS Feeds like you have with My Yahoo, though they are displaying Feeds from pre-selected sources (mostly news & official sites), so I assume they will add that option at some point.

It does show me the "Top Movers" and "Popular Searches" for MSN, though - which was interesting. But the search box on that page is not using their Beta search either - it's showing the same results as the main page (

Any news as to when they will make the switch?