Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Sales Continue...

There were two more sales on the new site this evening. Let's see - that makes a total of 5 now, right? This last one was the biggest yet, which is good because commission is a percentage of the sale ;)

So far this weekend we've added one new section (11 pages), and gained 3 more Inbound Links. I say "we" as I have some help in the office this weekend - admittedly, a lot of playing and just a little working. *grin*

Anyway, I'm planning to get another whole section added this evening, and work on more Inbound Links. I am working my way down both the internet directories and RSS directories at the moment.

Counting the sales on this new site is fun for now... but I look forward to when they are less of a trickle, and more of a flow. I am feeling really good about this project - confident that the site will do well in the coming year.