Monday, December 20, 2004

Sushi & Mistletoe

This weekend was super-busy with shopping, gift wrapping and traveling. I found some really good deals, had a lot of fun, and we even had our first real snow of the year!

On Sunday I took my son to meet his father, so that they could spend the holiday together. We meet in Chattanooga, but my favorite part of the trip is going through Monteagle. It is absolutely gorgeous, no matter what time of year you are passing through. A favorite for the kids as well...

After Zack left with his father, Albert and I hit a big sale at the shopping center and I grabbed a few more gifts and some new jeans and house shoes for myself. Then we had lunch at the chinese buffet - a place I always like to stop when I'm in Chattanooga, and it has an all-you-can eat sushi bar. Mmmmm :)

My fortune cookie said: Do not let great ambitions overshadow small success.

Nice, I thought. And good advice...

As we were leaving there was a van there in the parking lot, selling fresh Mistletoe out of the back for a dollar. There were a lot of cars driving through, so I imagine they did very well that day! Albert explained to me where it came from (the tops of trees) and that they shot it out - then wrapped a little ribbon around each twig, stuck it in a baggie, and sold it. Neat.

Looking it up, though - it's interesting what Mistletoe is, and makes you wonder how many people know that when they hang it in their homes at Christmas. What made me curious was that the lady said that it was poisonous, and to keep it out of reach of children and pets... and then Albert pointing out that it grew in the tops of trees. "Any kind of tree, or certain kinds of trees?" was my question - and we honestly didnt know.

Here's the link we looked at if you're curious too:

I have lots of emails to catch up on after a fun weekend, so I'm off to finish up for the day. I hope your week is getting off to a great start! Mine is :)