Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday Morning Coffee Break

It's been a long week, it seems. And dreary. But the sun is out, with temperatures expected to reach almost 60 degrees this afternoon. I'm feeling a bit better, too (after being diagnosed with bronchitis - yet again - earlier this week) so the sunshine just adds to the mood this morning :)

I love Saturday's. No rush, no schedule - I can get up early and enjoy some quiet time and a good cup of coffee. I generally spend the early hours going through my stats and messages, and closing out the week behind me. And I almost always have a little project to work on over the weekend, too, that I put back and then look forward to all week.

Even if it's cleaning out the closets, or organizing my office, or working on my own websites - it's something I do look forward to. Odd, I guess you could say, but I enjoy getting things accomplished and then starting a new week with a sense of satisfaction. I have a great life, and a very rewarding lifestyle... as I'm generally always doing exactly what I want to be doing. Perfect or not, it's perfect for me.

There's a little "life" thrown in the mix of course, to keep it interesting. Such as my son (a straight A student) bringing home a D on his report card. My grandmother pouring herself a nice tall glass of... laundry detergent. My daughter (man, I wish I could borrow her energy!) keeping us ALL on our toes. So I have my moments, yeah - but I wouldnt have it any other way ;)

When you take away your major stress factors - such as: outside influence or controls (aka: boss or any other negative relationships), financial issues, self-inflicted perfectionism, exhaustion, lack of time, etc... Well, everything else in life is just plain easy to deal with.

I didnt inherit this lifestyle, and I sure didnt find it in the bottom of a cracker jack box. I worked night and day to get where I am. In fact, I started out with nothing - literally.

I knew when I started that things weren't going to change overnight. And I was okay with that. In the beginning, "getting by" was the goal. But in the process, I wanted to build something that would ensure I never had to worry about "getting by" again.

A lot of times we need a "quick fix". And quick fixes are necessary in some situations - I understand that as much as anybody (if not more). But it also pays to look ahead, and to have well thought out long-term goals for yourself.

Those long-term goals can seem big, and very far away. Or even unrealistic from your current perspective. But let me tell you from experience: they are none of the above!

Fast forward to two years in the future. You are standing there, looking back at yourself now. How are you different? How has your life changed? How do you feel?

You have to KNOW that person that will be standing there, looking back at you, two years from now. Inside and out. And then do everything in your power to become that person.

There's a little secret about that "everything in your power" part. You have more potential than you realize. You are capable of more than you may think. You have more power than you, or anyone you know gives you credit for. We all do.

I'll stop rambling on, and get back to my project for the day. I'm working on a "Passive Income Guide" - something that is very close to my heart. The very things that helped me to achieve a certain level of balance and peace in my own life. I hope to be able to help change the lives of many others, in a very positive way. I hear from so many that are desperate for change, that are struggling to get by, or that are downright discouraged.

I would love to be able to bottle my own success, and hand it out. But writing this Passive Income Guide will hopefully be the next best thing.