Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is It Friday Yet??

Things have been really fast-paced lately. Reviewing new products, reading books, managing my Adwords campaigns, client work, finishing up on paperwork for taxes, lots of email - you name it. I've had to resort back to my handy dandy timer for the last week or so, just to stay on track!

Nothing major, and I'm not whining (really) - and besides, I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel here ;)

Not to mention most of the things that have been keeping me busy have been fun or interesting (or both!). I've been looking over Frank Kern's latest project - The Underachiever Mastery Course - for example. This thing is HUGE (you can see a pic of it here).

It's very well laid out, and serves as a step-by-step plan for pursuing highly targeted niche markets. Impressive, to say the least... and I have barely scratched the surface on reviewing it!

I've always gone for larger, more competitive markets myself - but I'm ready to sit down and really give this a once-over and see what it's all about. I am sure there is a lot of potential, and I am looking forward to reading Frank's insight on the topic.

If there's one thing I love, it's learning new things. And hearing new perspectives. I think Frank has a good thing here. And I liked what John Reese said about turning "Underachievers" into "Overachievers" (right up my alley *wink*).

Speaking of larger, more competitive markets - that's the target on my new affiliate site (How much longer can I call it "new"? LOL - Anyway...). The project is going very well, from Link Strategy to Rankings, but a couple of my affiliate programs fell through. One of them pulled the program, the other I didnt get approved for.

This is just "one of those things" in Affiliate Marketing, and something we have to be prepared for. Still, replacing the one affiliate program is going to be a pain and I'm having to set aside some time to research replacement programs and then take the time to add them into the site.

*Blah*. But I have to admit that it has motivated me to seek out more programs, and I've found several with great products and good commission structure. It should turn out to be a positive in the end, though I'm not looking forward to the "work" right here and now.

Am I spoiled, or what? :p