Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Now THAT Just Blows Me Away!

I was taking care of some link exchanges and checking on backlinks and such this morning, when I ran across this inbound link to my site: . I checked it out, because I wanted to see what kind of link they had placed about my web page...

Yeah, take a peek: . Anything look familiar? At first (before I scrolled), it was just the newsletter subscribe option at the top left that jumped out and smacked me in the face. Nevermind the general layout & fonts... and that particular shade of Red I use as a contrasting font color within content areas -- that newsletter sign-up box was IDENTICAL to mine.

Wait, it gets worse. Scroll down. See "Hot Topics", "Focus Topics", "Site Navigation"? At this point it was getting more and more obvious that this was a complete rip off of my site! Even the sub-categories are the same... which is where that inbound link came from (he forgot to edit one of them). GEEEEZ.

But it gets even worse than that... Scroll down even further and you see:

"Get Ready to Learn the Difference Between Websites that COST you Money... and Websites that MAKE you Money! "

Now that BITES. That's a tagline I've worked on for years. But the two paragraphs below it... a complete COPY of my own text! Which leads me to believe that Tim does NOT have "over seven years experience in"... anything.

Even the damn footer is the same! (with his contact info, of course)

That just blows me away... I think I'm still in shock. What was this guy thinking?

I'm off to phone him and find out...