Thursday, June 23, 2005

"The Report" by Jason Potash

Boy, I have to tell you -- Jason Potash really hit the nail on the head! I finally sat down and read his "Shocking Report" this morning... and I LOVED it!

If you know me well, you know I'm usually one of the last to jump on any "bandwagon". And lately I've been questioning myself, because while all of my buddies were out there cranking out websites and raking in cash... I've been steadily (what feels like slowly, sometimes!) building on my network of websites and working to grow each individual site.

I cant complain, because I enjoy great rankings and a steady increase in sales & commission :) But I always wondered if the grass was greener on the other side of that virtual fence! Jason Potash addressed the issue in this Shocking Report - and interestingly, it was good news for both types of eBiz'ers!

If you haven't yet read this report, you have GOT to download it and check it out (it only takes a few minutes - in fact, I read it over coffee this morning).

Plus, it's FREE :) Get it Here

Jason has a blog as well, and recently added an MP3 Recording of an Interview with an "average joe" kinda guy who is having great success with his online marketing. Below is the email (word for word) that I received on that so that you can check that out too:

During this interview, I heard from an "average guy" who released an ebook, gave up "optimizing" his website... stopped paying for pay-per-click advertising a few weeks later... and as a result, his sales conversion shot up to a healthy 3.5%, and he is making MORE moolah than ever before!.... within 0-60 days, he is spending ZERO on advertising, doing no SEO stuff, yet making enough each month to easily cover his car payment plus a couple of nice dinners out with his wife.

... How did he do it?

Here's the link to the interview. Just look under the"June 20th" post and you can listen to the MP3 audio interview.

(Look for "Click here now to listen to the MP3 audio stream" about mid-page) It will only take a few minutes. Check it out real quick!

That's it! This is good stuff, so take advantage of it ;)