Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Do you use XSitePro?

I'm looking for XSitePro reviews...

If you're using (or have tried) XSitePro, I'd like to hear your comments. I currently have 2 glowing testimonials on this product, but dont (yet) have permission to reprint them.

I'd be happy to reprint any testimonials offered here, along with your keyword-rich link, if you just make sure to note in your post that I have permission to do so (and make sure to give me your link of choice).

A fellow SSWT reader is asking about XSitePro out of sincere curiosity - so if you are familiar with it, let's help him make his decision!

You can leave a comment here, or reply at this thread at my forum:

You are welcome to email me if you'd rather not post publicly...