Friday, July 08, 2005

WordPress & XML Site Maps

You've probably heard the 'buzz' about XML Google Sitemaps lately... well here's a nifty little (free) plugin for all of you WordPress users!

--> Google Sitemap Generator

Before you click on that link, though, check out this great video tutorial that Andre put together:

I've created a *free* video tutorial that shows you how to get Google's spider, GoogleBot, to visit your website in under 60 seconds. Seriously - no hype - no BS!

This method is infinitely more powerful than "Blog & Ping"... and you know what... you can install and configure it all for free!

I've tested this out on 7 of my blogs and in every case Google has visited my site within the first minute. This method of getting GoogleBot to visit your is perfectly "search engine ethical"... and in fact Google created it ;)

Click here to watch Andre's video!