Tuesday, July 19, 2005

High Paying Keywords

This is what got me totally distracted today. Yes, high-paying keywords. And actually, my interest goes back to a discussion of SwapClix.com on my discussion forum a few weeks ago. It got my curiosity up, and I considered buying just to check it out. It certainly seemed to good to be true!

Anyway, I was checking it out again today... So I did a search on "high paying keywords" at Google and came across some great threads on popular discussion forums. My favorite one (which I read all the way through the 15 pages!) was the one on DigitalPoint:


Another useful link:

Search Max Bids & Listings on Overture

Just sharing my finds so far for the day. Anyone out there using SwapClix (or a similar program/method)? I'd love to hear your thoughts & experiences!

Of course, you know me - I'm going to have to test this one out for myself! :)