Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back to School

Summer was fun. We had our trips to Lake Winnie, Fall Creek Falls, Rock Island, the big Flea Market in Cookeville, Stone Door on Beersheba Mountain... We ate tomatoes straight off the vine, swam in the river, planted flowers in the back yard and played in the off-season dart tournaments on week nights.

We had some good times, no doubt, but it's time to get back into a routine now as the kids start back to school and summer break comes to an end. The week ahead will be busy getting the kids registered, finishing all of the shopping and getting the house in order so that we can fall back into the school schedule.

I'm looking forward to it. Things will quiet down and there will be a lot more "mom time" again. Time to focus and get back to work. The weather will start to cool off. All good things :)

School starting back is also a good time to make some changes. I'm planning to work in 'chores & allowance' for the kids - something more structured than in the past. I also have some personal goals of my own that I want to work towards, and this feels like a good time to set that into motion.

Change is good. And it's always a good opportunity to adjust your routine or create new habits.