Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Morning Coffee Break

It's so quiet here this morning... I thought I'd make a pot of coffee and organize my desk a bit, as well as my thoughts.

The children started school this morning. It was quite fun. We got up around 5:30 and I was able to get a 20 minute work-out in while they showered and dressed and made their beds. I double checked their book bags and that they had their lunch money... and waited with them for their bus.

I used to drive them to school, but this year we all agreed that they would take the bus. It's very convenient, and a good way for them to make new friends - or a time to catch up on reading if they'd rather. And after a little calculating, we figured out that we would save over $1,000 in gas and 180 hours in time (um - *my* time) over the course of the school year.

We'll see how this works out ;) Hoping for the best...

Anyway, it's a nice day here. The weather is considerably cooler. It rained for awhile this morning, but now it's just overcast - with a high of 82 forecasted for the day. It's nice. Very nice :)

No noise. No heat. No running through the house, or spontaneous trips to the pool in the middle of the afternoon. Just me and my work... and a hot cup of coffee :)

Oh - dont get me wrong. I miss them already! LOL... But there will be plenty of time this evening to give them my undivided attention, hear all about their day, and be "Mom". 100%. With no distractions from my work... because I will have it all done and put away by then ;)

Every season has it's perks. In fact, I love the beginning of Summer as much as I love the end of it... because by the time the school year ends, I will be ready to throw routine out the window and have some care-free sleep-in no-schedule fun for a few months!