Sunday, September 18, 2005

I could use your help at the SSWT Forum...

During the time that I've been away this past week, there were many posts at the SSWT Forum. I've removed the ads that were posted here and there, and welcomed the newer members... but I could really use a few extra hands in making sure all of the questions get answered. If you could take a few minutes to visit the forum, or scan through this list to see if you might be able to offer some input... it would be greatly appreciated :)

There are also a couple of Introduction Posts by New Members that could use a quick Hello or Welcome.

Spammer using online contact forum and email
She's suddenly getting spam email that's being generated from 2 of her websites through the use of her contact form that she has set up on the sites.

Traffic Exchanges....Do They Work?
If anyone out there uses this method successfully please let me know otherwise I'm ditching traffic exchanges as a promotional tool.

What do you look for in a website?
I agree with these people, its missing "something" I am redoing the site now and have changed the colors etc and added some links to articles that I have written...

Help with google ad
Can anyone lend a hand as to what I can do to help this campaign?

Clicksensor V2
Has anyone heard of this tool Clicksensor v2 ( by Robert Plank?

Are they selling?
I am curious as to what ebook sales are like these days. I promote them a lot but sales are at a all bottom low. I don't just market any ebook either - I seek those that are in line with my niche. Any advice?