Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Viral Marketing Made Easy!

I got an email last week from Harvey Segal about his new book, The Ultimate Supertip. I took a look at it, ended up reading it cover to cover - - and I was completely floored!

Of course, it didnt hit me until the very last page (you'll see why when you read it), but when it did... I knew that Harvey's book was quite simply the greatest viral marketing idea of all time!

You absolutely must check this out. It's free, it's quick & easy to read... and it will open your eyes to an idea and opportunity that is truly unlike anything you've seen or heard on the 'net lately.

What is 'Viral Marketing'?

Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. source

To give you some ideas to ponder, creating a free ebook or guide to give away is a perfect example of Viral Marketing. Yes, you could put a price tag on it and sell it to earn money... but you can also earn money by giving it away!

How? Create a guide, report or ebook that appeals to your target market. You'll want to choose a good title with a catchy tag line, and really impress your readers with information or content that will leave an impression on them. Throughout your content you can weave in links to your website, or even affiliate links... or you can even promote the option to subscribe to your newsletter. Of course, nothing is stopping you from mentioning all three ;)

You can give the book away as a bonus to your subscribers, which serves as an incentive for visitors to subscribe to your list - building a powerful targeted follow-up system.

You can allow other webmasters and newsletter publishers that reach your target market to give your book away to their own visitors and readers... allowing you to gain massive exposure with no advertising cost.

You can submit your download link to every freebie site, ebook site, etc - giving you another marketing strategy that will land you hundreds of free inbound links.

For even more great ideas, you really should take a look at The Ultimate Supertip. It's a free download... and I promise you, you won't be disappointed! ;)

You'll also find an incredible little opportunity weaved into this book that will allow you to have your own Viral Marketing campaign... without even having to write your own book! And you wont just get exposure or clicks out of it -- you'll earn CASH!

Check it out - like I said, it's free... Harvey doesnt even ask for your email address:

Download The Ultimate Supertip Here

Enjoy! ;)