Tuesday, November 01, 2005

John Reese 10/29

I took a few minutes today to read the latest newsletter by John Reese, dated October 29th. In this 10-page PDF file, John shares some of the events that have affected his life dramatically over the last ten months.

He also takes the opportunity to inspire and motivate his readers.

Personally, I was deeply moved. There were so many things in that document that I could relate to... recent events in my own life that were very similar, and feelings I knew all too well.

He closes by saying:

"I would like to challenge you to do some deep thinking of your own. Look inside yourself and try to identify your purpose in life."

Great advice...

The last couple of months have been particularly difficult for me. It took me almost a month to get back to work at all after losing Grandmother... and I must admit that I still havent gotten back into the full swing of things.

Just last week, as I was starting to feel better - more like myself - I had an emergency dental appointment that led to oral surgery. It didnt go so well, and I'm actually returning to the surgeon for a follow-up in the morning as I just havent recovered from this like I thought I should.

I've spent much of the last week in bed, and on a liquid diet (blek!). At this point I'm actually tired of feeling tired. Reading John's message reminded me of who I used to be, and how I used to feel. And it sparked something in me... a reminder of MY purpose in life. That one thing I enjoy working towards, that motivated me more than any other.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the action :)

But I'd also like to say that I am thankful now that I invested the time in my lifestyle and my career that I have over the last 9 years. I've taken some major leaps, worked insane hours and even continued on when things took much much longer than expected - never giving in or giving up.

I am not at the end of my journey. I havent "completed my mission" by any means. But I did manage to create solid streams of passive income that are there - even when I am not. For the last two months I have been allowed the time to grieve, and the time to rest... without concern. That is a major luxury in this fast-paced busy world that we live in, and I feel incredibly fortunate.

If you've ever wondered if it's worth it... all of this time invested researching and planning and working... let me assure you that it is.