Monday, October 24, 2005

My RoboMaid - I Love This Gadget!

Last week I ordered a RoboMaid online. I had originally seen it on TV, checked out the website, did a quick search for consumer reviews... and then headed to eBay, which is where I ended up ordering mine.

You can click here to watch the commercial (link opens in a new window - hold down your CTRL key if you have a pop-up blocker). It's pretty fuzzy if you view it full screen, but you can adjust your browser size (minimize it) for better quality.

Look up RoboMaids currently listed on eBay --> This is a search results link, so it will show you any current auctions on eBay for the RoboMaid. I purchased mine from anygifts (powerseller with 3426 positive feedback score), though I see that there are some there for lower prices now. I still saved over $10 by ordering through eBay, and the item was new in the box as stated -- and shipped very quickly, I might add ;)

My RoboMaid arrived on Saturday morning and I have to tell you... I was really skeptical that it was going to work. My house is all hard wood floors and linoleum, and even after sweeping twice in two days I still felt like my floors had a layer of dust on them. It's been incredibly dry here in Tennessee for the last few months which just makes it worse. It's maddening really if you're home all day in your sock feet! Or worse - barefoot - ack!

So I charge the little sucker up. It's really neat - it comes with a ball that charges like a cell phone. You charge it 3 hours the first time, let it die all the way down and then recharge it. My first thought was very nice, no batteries to keep replacing!

I could hardly wait to try it out! Once it charged I put it on the floor and let it loose in the kitchen. It took about 3 seconds, and then it was off - just like they showed on the commercial. It went under the kitchen table, around the edges of the floor (under the cabinets, under the edge of the stove)... and then it went under the microwave cart. It was fast, and I was impressed! Not only did it pick every little thing up off of the floor, but it got in little places you dont even think about!

I was completely sold on it before it even finished the kitchen, so I let it loose in the rest of the house and went on about my business. After it finally shut off, I recharged it and then let it clean each of the bedrooms (under the beds, in the corners, you name it!). This morning is day three with my new RoboMaid... and I LOVE IT!

I got up this morning and headed for the coffee pot - from one end of the house to the other, in my bare feet. I had to smile. It's funny what a small price I had to pay for such a luxury.

As for the broom - that baby is retired. All she ever did was kick up dust and get me into a sniffly sneezing fit. Besides, using a broom is work. The RoboMaid is "passive housework"... and every bit as nice as passive income ;)

If I keep this up, I'm not going to know what to do with myself ;) :)