Saturday, December 31, 2005


I have been very busy 'closing out 2005' this past week - organizing my desk, updating my contact database, tweaking each of my sites, going over my Action Plan for 2006... it's been a lot of fun, and I am really psyched about the New Year!

2005 was a year that a lot of people got their first real taste of success online. It was a year that a lot of people saw a dramatic increase to their income. And it was also a year that motivated a lot of people to join in and create an eBiz themselves.

2005 was a good year for me. I dont have any complaints. I launched a couple of new niche sites, completely revamped the affiliate site that I launched late in 2004, and set up a few new blogs and lists as well. I met some really great people, too - and really enjoyed working with and alongside them throughout the year.

But to be honest, my main goals for 2005 were personal ones. While I did set business goals, and reach those, they were not the "all out, go big!" challenges that I usually set. I did that intentionally - toned things down a bit for myself - so that I could focus on family matters and personal goals.

At the beginning of 2005, I was exhausted from 'round the clock care for my Grandmother. In the Spring I moved and took some time to settle into my new home with the kids. Over the summer we visited Grandmother, and also just took some time off to have fun and catch up on lost time with each other. In the Fall, Grandmother passed away... and I took a couple of months off from my usual busy schedule just to think.

I thought about where I'd been. Where I was headed. What I had learned from this woman. What I wanted for myself, and what I wanted for my children. I thought about changes I would like to make... and things that I wanted to make sure never changed.

Through most of this year, I havent really been myself. I've been a granddaughter, a mother, a daughter and a sister... more than I've been anything else.

Through it all my passive income continued to flow - and steadily increased - just as it was set up to do. I was grateful for that, and for the time off and peace of mind that it afforded me during this year. I cant imagine how I would have made it through 2005 otherwise. I needed that time, and looking back now I can say that it was very (very) good for me.

These past 8 weeks have gotten me back on track, though, and I have been moving forward at light speed. It feels great to be back in action - not just in motion, but really back into the swing of things mind, body and soul.

The timing couldnt be better. The New Year is a wonderful time to change direction and set new goals for yourself. And also to be at peace with the past, content with the present, and to set all sights forward - on the future.

That is exactly where I am.

I'll share more with you about my plans for 2006, what you can expect from me, and the two things that have my attention over everything else going into this New Year... in the next few blog posts. You won't want to miss these ;)

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